Big Wave Trading Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

Stocks staged quite a powerful session on Friday with all of the major market indexes going out at the HOD across the board. While volume was slightly lower than the prior session it was only lower by about 5% on both exchanges. Considering it is a … [Read more]

Quiet Day of Trading as the NASDAQ; inches out 3 Day Win Streak

A slew of economic data hit the market, but failed to inspire buyers to continue to push the market higher. A better than expected durable goods orders number could not give the Dow and S&P 500 another day of gains this week. Volume dropped … [Read more]

Stocks add to Gains as Crude Nears $50

A solid day of gains as we see immediate follow-through from Tuesday's action. This is bullish action where a solid day sees immediate follow-through and should lead us to new all-time highs. Volume was mixed with NYSE exchange volume came in higher … [Read more]

Stocks Post Solid Session; Uptrend Resumes

The stock market put in an impressive day as volume expanded across the board. The NASDAQ and Russell 2000 led the market higher as risk is back on. Volume expanded across the board day over day in a good sign traders and investors alike were happy … [Read more]

Lazy Trading as Markets Trade in Tight Range

Not whole lot to get excited about over today’s action. The good news is we stayed in a relatively tight trading range for the day. Volume was lower across the board as we continue to have a hangover from the weekend. We continue to see the average … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

It wasn’t a great session on Friday but considering how the week was playing out it definitely was welcomed by the bulls. Stocks rallied early on in what was shaping up to be a very impressive Friday rally. However, selling took over around noon and … [Read more]

Sluggish Trade continues; Utilities Lead S&P 500

One day removed from the panic post Fed stocks could not find enough buyers to hang in positive territory. There were enough to elevate the stock market off their lows of the session. The lack of bulls and oversold conditions a bounce is certainly … [Read more]

Fed Minutes push Rate Hike Odds Higher; NASDAQ Higher

The Federal Reserve minutes show a more hawkish Fed than many saw at the committee's last meeting. Earlier in the day the NYSE was having issues and therefore not publishing volume data. A few stocks were put on ice, but for the most part it was more … [Read more]

Monday’s Gains Erased as Volume Jumps

Monday’s gains were certainly a positive, but the mixed volume was a clue the gains may not hold. Today’s selling was fierce as volume jumped across the board. Led by the Russell 2000 and NASDAQ the entire market moved lower even as Crude Oil prices … [Read more]

Traders shrug off Economic News End Higher

A weak NY Federal Reserve Manufacturing number did not slow down traders moving this market higher today. Volume was mixed, but higher on the NASDAQ composite. Even with a less than ideal close the NASDAQ came away with a solid session. Crude oil … [Read more]