Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

Stocks closed out a very bullish week with semi-moderate losses on Friday. The DJIA and RUT led the way to the downside but volume was lower across the board which means that institutional investors were not dumping stocks following the move into new … [Read more]

Stocks Pile on Gains post Fed

A solid session all around as traders pile into stocks a day after the Federal Reserve released its policy statement from its most recent meeting. All day long stocks move higher with the exception of a blip just after 2pm eastern time. Volume … [Read more]

Fed Delivers as Expected; Stocks Higher

As expected the Federal Reserve bank held rates steady yet hinting at a rate hike later in the year. Many economists are pleading their case for the Federal Reserve NOT to raise rates. It will be an interesting battle of rhetoric from here to the end … [Read more]

Fed in Focus; Market Stalls

Finally, we are hours away from the latest Federal Reserve meeting. We have been saying all along the odds of a rate hike are slim to none for this September meeting. All eyes will be on the policy statement and any hint at a rate hike coming this … [Read more]

Fed Week begins; NASDAQ slides

Another Federal Reserve week is here and the excitement is building. Well, not for us, but for many it is and they cannot wait for Wednesday at 2pm eastern. Odds of a rate hike continue to fall and it is highly unlikely the Federal Reserve will hike … [Read more]

Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

The move in the overall market the past week is yet another perfect example of why you obey your stops and not your emotions. It is unbelievable to think that not only is the Nasdaq above last Friday's open but the Nasdaq 100 is higher than where it … [Read more]

NASDAQ Leads Powerful Rally

Just when you think this market can’t muster any strength we get a day like today. The one knock on the day’s action was volume was mixed. Good news is the NASDAQ saw volume increase day over day. It is clear behind AAPL’s move the NASDAQ is the … [Read more]

Bounce falls Short; NASDAQ Closes with Gains

The market did its best to do what Monday’s action, but failed to regain much of yesterday’s losses. One exception was the NASDAQ benefiting from AAPL move. Fear took a break for much of the session until sellers began to take over. By the close the … [Read more]

Volatility Continues as Stocks Retrace Monday’s Gains

Coming off Monday’s huge day bulls weren’t ready to support higher prices. Volume jumped giving today a big distribution day. VIX gained nearly 18%, but could not eclipse Monday’s high. However, the fear index closed above Friday’s closing level. The … [Read more]

FOMC Circles the Wagons; Dovish Rhetoric Prevails

Early morning futures were not painting a pretty picture to begin the week. Europe was following along with the DAX down more than 2% prior to the US market open. It did not take long before Fed talking heads to begin releasing their dovish rhetoric. … [Read more]