NASDAQ Leads a Mixed Session as Volume Jumps

A solid session all around with leading stocks showing power despite the Dow and S&P 500 closing lower on the session.  The NASDAQ is nearing the 5000 level a mark it has not seen in over a decade.  Volume was higher across the board in a good … [Read more]

NASDAQ Stalls ending win Streak

Finally, the NASDAQ ends lower for the first time in two weeks.  AAPL dropped more than three points putting pressure on the NASDAQ.  Today was a light day on the economic data front as existing home sales were better than expected, but still fell … [Read more]

Dow and S&P 500 Reach another Record High

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 hit another record closing as volume rose across the board.  Janet Yellen’s testimony provided few fireworks, but we did find out rates are not about to rise any time soon.  Aside from Yellen’s … [Read more]

AAPL Propels NASDAQ to 9th Straight Positive Close

For the ninth straight session the NASDAQ closed with gains.  Crude oil slipped below $50, but the market is focused on Janet Yellen’s testimony tomorrow morning on Capital Hill.  The stock market has all but ignored the situation in Greece as … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading portfolio is currently under an across the board operational BUY mode with no pressures weighing against this signal. Major market averages are hitting new highs with no distribution pressure, our momentum oscillators (TSV, MACD, … [Read more]

Another Mixed Session; NASDAQ Extends Streak to 7

Greece continues to dominate the headlines and the US Stock market continues to push aside the risk.  PCLN was a big driver in the NASDAQ’s move today as the index closed in positive territory for the seventh straight session.  Volume dropped on … [Read more]

NASDAQ Closes Positive for the Sixth Straight Session

Today’s market was able to shake off fears from Greece and what was lurking in the Federal Reserve meeting minutes.  Starting the session economic data was less than desirable, but bad news typically has been good news.  Greece was in the … [Read more]

Late Surge Helps Stocks Close in Positive Territory

A light day in economic data, but most eyes were on the bailout talks between the EU and Greece.  US Equity futures initially indicated a much larger move to the downside.  However, by the open these losses were minimalized.  Much of the session … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Update And Top Current Holdings

Ever since QE started in 2008 there have been very rare incidences where we could say with some confidence that the current situation looked bullish or bearish. The lack of prices responding how they normally respond to certain situations has … [Read more]

NASDAQ Reaches Escape Velocity as Volume Swells

A solid session with volume expanding and healthy price movement.  Most notably was the NASDAQ clearing its most recent resistance level.  The S&P 500 remains locked within its recent consolidation and we will need to keep an eye on the index … [Read more]