NASDAQ ends Losing Streak; May begins on a Positive Note

May kicked off with stocks pushing off morning lows to close near session highs. According to IBD’s website NYSE volume was flat, but NASDAQ volume slipped on the session. For the most part the day lacked any volume push until the end of the session. … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

As we head into the new week there are cracks that are starting to show in the armor of the stock market. Distribution days have been common as this rally has become a little extended and finally on Thursday the market decided to crack. The selling … [Read more]

NASDAQ Lags as the Fed’s Support for Stocks Continues

Earnings led by AAPL were a real drag on the NASDAQ today as the Russell 2000 continues to lead this market higher. Volume was up on the session, but it does not come as a surprise. The key part of the FOMC statement was the fact June’s potential … [Read more]

Earnings and the Fed remain in Focus

One more day until we get another release of the latest FOMC policy statement. Small caps led the market today gaining more than 1% on the session. We cannot say the same for the other averages as the NASDAQ ended lower and the Dow and S&P 500 … [Read more]

Light Volume Session as Stocks await the Fed

For some time, we have been waiting for this market to pull back from its recent run and it appears we are beginning to get at least a small pullback. A three day losing streak for the NASDAQ is not something we have been accustomed to after the lows … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

Outside of the Nasdaq and Nasdaq 100 stocks staged another overall impressive intraday session on Friday with the Russell 2000 and the DJ-20 leading the way higher. Volume was mixed on the session with volume higher on the Nasdaq but that should be … [Read more]

US Dollar kicks losses to the Curb, Stocks Lower

ECB decided to hold its QE program and rates steady today as the market was hopeful another slash in deposit rates and more QE was coming. As a result the US dollar reversed its losses on the session and was green by the time stocks closed. The … [Read more]

Crude rallies on Kuwait Strike; Stocks Mixed

While energy and materials helped the market push higher the NASDAQ 100 names weighed heavily on the NASDAQ. Volume was up across the board today, but continues to remain below average. Technology stocks (XLK) continue their struggles losing 56bps on … [Read more]

No Oil Accord No Problem

Sunday’s news was the Doha meetings could not produce an agreement among oil producers to freeze production. Initially, Saudi Arabia’s stock market did not take the news well and this selling spread across the globe. By the time this morning rolled … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

It was another solid constructive overall pullback despite the higher volume than the session before. The price action was tight, we did not close at the lows, and volume was not above average. All in all, the pullback was orderly and there was very … [Read more]