NASDAQ 100 continues Dominance

After a shaky start to the trading day the NASDAQ was able to find buyers within its large cap technology stocks pushing it higher closing at all-time highs. The NASDAQ 100 has been impressive with the likes of FB, AMZN, and GOOGL. Biotechs remain … [Read more]

Friday Morning Cup of Joe: NASDAQ Win Streak and the Weekend

After a massive 10-Day rally the NASDAQ will look to take a breather. What a big rally we have seen in terms of the amount of days in a row the NASDAQ has been able to climb. Just a few weeks ago many thought we were going to roll over and have a … [Read more]

Morning Report: Stocks Enjoy more Gains

Another solid session on Tuesday. for the NASDAQ 100 as technology stocks rally ahead of earnings reports next week. The solid price action across the board has been against the naysayers. Earnings reports continue to pile on and for the most part … [Read more]

Stocks Close Flat as Small Caps inch out Gains

Returning from the weekend the market did get off to a mixed start, but also ended the day mixed. While the Russell 2000 was flirting with a breakout it simply did not have the muster to close at a new all-time high. Earnings season has ramped up … [Read more]

Gains Continue but Volume Falls

An impressive comeback by small caps as Biotech’s lift off morning lows with the broader market moving higher. Volume struggled to eclipse Wednesday level, but price gains were once again solid. Biotechs struggled for much of the session. However, … [Read more]

Yellen’s Testimony Boosts Stocks

Yellen’s statement on interest rates was credited with pushing the market higher during today’s session. Volume was higher across the board as the Dow hit another all-time high. We saw the NASDAQ retake its 50-day moving average yesterday and buyers … [Read more]

Stocks Shake off Trump Jr Emails; Small Caps Lead

Just when you thought you have seen it all the market dips on the release of Trump Jr’s email exchange. Regardless of your political leanings or thoughts on the current president are completely irrelevant to this market. The fact we found support … [Read more]

Small Caps and Dow Lag the NASDAQ 100

Not a terrible way to kick off the week, but with Small Caps lagging it could have been better. Stocks did stumble out of the gates as sellers were piling on the morning weakness. It was nice way to see the market gain support at the days lows. … [Read more]

Stocks Fall in Higher Turnover

A roller coaster day for stocks as small caps lead the market lower in higher turnover. A shaky start as stocks gapped lower, but could find their footing just after the first hour of trading. From there, buyers pushed the market higher for much of … [Read more]

NASDAQ Rebounds as Trading Resumes

After a shaky start to the morning buyers flooded the NASDAQ after Monday’s lackluster close. No surprise volume was higher after Monday’s shortened session. The biggest newsworthy story was the release of the latest Federal Reserve meeting minutes. … [Read more]