Big Wave Trading Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading models are under an across the board operational NEUTRAL/SELL condition following the sell off on 6/29 on very strong volume. The NYSE and DJT are under an operational SELL signal while every other major market average is under … [Read more]

US Stocks Lower ahead of Holiday Weekend

The market is appears to be waiting on the Greek referendum on Sunday. Volume fell on the session as it appears many were ready to start the holiday weekend early. We cannot blame them one bit. Today’s action was neither favorable to the bulls or … [Read more]

Market Rises on Hope of a Greek Debt Deal

After yesterday’s selling there was some hope a Greek deal could be had by the end of the day. Stocks were higher across the board with the NASDAQ leading the charge. Blame will solely be placed at the feet of the Greek politicians if this market … [Read more]

Stocks Slammed as Greece nears Default

Over the weekend news of Greeks queuing for ATMs certainly has caused market participants to think again when it comes to the Greek situation. Sellers took to the market selling stock as technology stocks led the declines. US treasuries are where … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading models received no signal switches the past week, despite the weak price action. The Nasdaq and Russell 200 remain under clear uptrends and thus remain under operational BUY signals. The DJIA, SPX, and NYA are still going nowhere … [Read more]

Stocks End Session Lower; Healthcare gets a boost from SCOTUS

Early morning gains were erased despite Obamacare receiving a favorable ruling from the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Healthcare certainly received quite a boost from the ruling with quite a few healthcare names racing higher. … [Read more]

Stocks Fall Volume ticks Higher

Stocks fell today as volume across the board rose. Sure, fears over Greece is pretty easy to blame. However, this market has been in a steady uptrend and seeing a bout of selling is not out of the ordinary. According to IBD the distribution day count … [Read more]

NASDAQ and Russell 2000 Notch more All-Time Highs

Economic data continues to be largely ignored as we did see a mix of economic data. Housing appears to have been better than expected while durable goods failed to meet expectations. Futures simply ignored the news and marched forward. Early morning … [Read more]

Stocks Higher as Greece dominates Headlines

At least for now Greece is not in default and sent into a death spiral. European stocks jumped the most with the German DAX jumping more than 3%. The US indexes benefited from the rise in European shares, but didn’t get the price gains. Volume was … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading Portfolio remains under a mixed bag of signals with only one change this past week. The SP-500 switched from an operational NEUTRAL condition to an operational BUY condition following the powerful move on Thursday. The SPX joined … [Read more]