Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading models are under an operational BUY signal across the board following Thursday's session where the major market indexes convincingly retook their 50 day moving averages on well above average volume. The switch on Thursday was a … [Read more]

New Uptrend is Confirmed; ECB QE Higher than Expected

After a shaky start to the session the stock market was able to find its footing confirming a new uptrend.  A solid day all around for the stock market with volume higher and solid price gains.  ECB announced its QE program to the tune of 60 … [Read more]

Market Awaits ECB QE Program

Today was a light trading day on Wall Street as many await the ECB’s announcement of its own Bond buying program.  Once again small cap stocks lagged behind the general market closing lower by more than 30 basis points.  Volume was lighter on the … [Read more]

Small Caps Lag as NASDAQ Leads Market Higher

Hopes over a new European Quantitative Easing program boosted US futures early.  Bank earnings have been disappointing and MS followed the trend releasing earnings at 7am.  The lone piece of economic data was the NAHB Housing Market Index and it … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

Friday's bounce was definitely not shocking but I admit it was disappointing how strong it was. It left me cutting some stocks that I would still like to be long now. The biggest disappointment came in KITE which is a complete botch job as far as I … [Read more]

Stocks Fall Once Again; Banks hit Hard

A surprise move from the Swiss Central Bank today sent currencies into a frenzy.  Futures traded erratically for much of the morning gyrating from positive to negative territory.  Even with a positive start to the day this market simply could not … [Read more]

Fed’s Beige Book and a Rally in Crude Oil Lift Stocks off their Lows

Today’s session stayed within the new normal with another volatile session as the Dow Jones Industrial average posted another triple digit loss.  Early morning futures were dealt with a blow as December retail sales were weakier than expected.  … [Read more]

Stocks fall from Highs as Volatility Continues

Early morning futures suggested a positive start to the day and buyers were more than willing to bid stocks higher.  At its highs the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up more than 282 points on the session.  Volume was running hot and it appeared … [Read more]

Stocks Fall to Begin the Week; AA Kicks Off Earnings Season

It did not take sellers long to kick their operations into high gear.  At first glance it appeared we would get off to a great start given where futures were indicating the open.  Steadily from 9am futures were moving away from their highs of the … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading Models remain under an across the board NEUTRAL condition, despite the recent retake of the 50 day moving averages by all the major market averages outside of the NYSE. The markets are basically in a double V-shaped trading range … [Read more]