Volatility Continues as Stocks Rebound

Yesterday’s losses were quickly erased as traders cheered earnings.  CAT reported earnings prior to the bell and after buying back a ton of stock they were able to goose earnings enough to beat rather easily to the upside.  Buying started from … [Read more]

Near Distribution Day Spells Trouble for Confirmed Rally

All was going well for the markets until afternoon selling soured the entire rally.  Yesterday’s big volume and big price move confirmed a new market rally.  The unfortunate news today was immediately following a confirmation day was a near … [Read more]

Market Confirms New Rally

On the back of AAPL’s earnings the stock market confirmed a new market rally with an explosion to the upside.  While confirming a new rally is always exciting this was done very quickly and well away from lows.  The shape of this rally is not one … [Read more]

AAPL and NASDAQ 100 Lead Stocks Higher

Early morning disappointing earnings news from IBM kicked off the week by sending US futures lower.  European indexes were lower following the weekend adding to the weakness in US futures.  Since the last Federal Reserve meeting stocks have been … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

Day three of a rally attempt is under the belt and now we are on the look out for a Follow-Through Day. Friday was not a FTD based on two conditions: lower volume than the session before and a weak overall intraday session following the gap higher. … [Read more]

Russell 2000 Leads the Stock Market Rebound

Once again early morning futures indicated a rough opening for US equity markets.  Fears concerning Europe and Ebola certainly played a role in the early morning futures’ prices.  Just like yesterday we saw buying from the onset.  Buyers were … [Read more]

Stocks Rebound from Heavy Losses; Russell 2000 Leads the Way

Early morning trading saw a selling frenzy as soon as the market opened.  Disappointing economic news from retail sales did not help things.  Just as fast as the market dropped buyers swooped in and pushed the market to the highs of the session. … [Read more]

Stocks Fight Back Close Mixed

Economic data was on the lighter side today, but with $1 billion in POMO today the market looked to push higher.  A slight hiccup in the first hour of trading gave way to steady buying into the lunch hour.  Unfortunately, the highs were set at noon … [Read more]

Losses Continue; Ebola Fears on the Rise

We are now in a market where any bounce cannot be trusted until we can close with gains.  Selling continued today as fears over Ebola continues to rise.  The W.H.O. and C.D.C. have now contradicted each other over how Ebola is transmitted.  Fear … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading Portfolio model is under a major SELL signal on all market indexes. The model switched from SELL to NEUTRAL back to SELL this week as the insane volatility of the tape and the strong support at 2014 lows appeared to signal in a … [Read more]