Walmart Disappoints Drags Dow Down

Volatility still remains as stocks enjoy a wild ride on Monday. Volume was lower on the session; good sign institutions were not selling stock. After the V-shaped nature of the rally a day like Monday is not out of the question. The bad news was the … [Read more]

Rally Continues as the S&P 500 and Dow Regain their 50-Day Moving Average

A big rally once again helps push the major indexes higher. The NASDAQ 100 was the clear winner with NFLX, BIDU, and CSCO posting big gains on the session. CSCO jumped to a new high on the back of an earnings release. Volume ended the session lower … [Read more]

Three Day Rally Ignites Hope of a Bottom

Tuesday’s market action was solid from a price perspective as stocks were able to shake off early losses and close higher. The knock on the session was once again volume came in lower than the previous trading session. It would have been nice to see … [Read more]

Two-Day Rebound as Volatility Continues

Many traders on Friday were rejoicing they had found the bottom and were long the market. While Friday’s action was a first good start we are not out of the woods just yet. Our strategy isn’t to pinpoint market turns. We and other professional … [Read more]

Correction Deepens as Dip Buyers Lick their Wounds

Sellers rejoice as stocks fall hard. Pundits are blaming anyone from “idiots” to higher interest rates. Volume was up across the board, but far from Monday’s level and not indicating a washout. We have been warning not to be in a rush back into this … [Read more]

Wild Day on Wall Street

It has been a long time since we have seen volatility like this in a very long time. Stocks finished higher on the session and before anyone gets too excited it will take some time to clear the dust from the past two weeks. Many will be looking to … [Read more]

Global Sell-Off Deepens

Many traders were left stunned on Monday when selling intensified even after a morning rally looked to end what began earlier last week. Volume swelled as sellers rushed to sell at any cost. Volatility spiked with the VIX ended near 40. We have not … [Read more]

Treasury Yields Jump as Stocks Sputter

We have had a busy week with this market between earnings, the fed, state of the union address, and now the jobs report. For the most part, this market is holding up well. However, it is under pressure with distribution creeping higher. Major indexes … [Read more]

Dow Finishes Higher as NASDAQ notches a Day of Distribution

Wednesday’s action was not the greatest, but the good news once again buyers were able to come in at the lows and push the market higher. Volume was higher across the board. Thus, NASDAQ Composite finished down .61% notching a day of distribution. … [Read more]

More Highs as Buyers continue Bidding Stocks Higher

There is very little doubt we are not in a melt-up phase of this historic market run. Buyers continue the relentless quest acquiring shares at higher prices. Regardless of what you might think of valuations buyers are still bidding stocks higher. … [Read more]