Market awaits Federal Reserve’s Janet Yellen’s Speech

Early morning futures were lower ahead of the 8:30 am EDT economic releases. Despite better than expected numbers from jobless claims and durable goods futures did not jump. July durable goods jumped 4.4% when economists expected a 3.4% increase. … [Read more]

Finally some Volatility; Distribution Strikes

Finally, we got a little bit of excitement as the market found sellers. A last minute kick save pushed stocks off their lows, but the damage was done. Volume kicked into another gear as sellers finally arrived. Up until today the S&P 500 was in … [Read more]

Tight Trading Range Continues; Market Closes off Highs

Another tight trading session as the NASDAQ composite another all-time high. Volume was mixed with NYSE volume coming in higher while NASDAQ volume peeled off yesterday’s level. The biggest knock on today’s market would be the closing well off the … [Read more]

Russell 2000 and NASDAQ inch out Gains

A mixed start to the second to last full week of summer. We are still trading in a relatively tight range despite a little nonsense intraday. Volume was light on the session. Crude oil fell more than 3%. Pundits blamed Iraqi oil supply hitting the … [Read more]

BWT Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

Following a nasty little early morning selloff, stocks were able to find support soon afterwards and climb steadily higher throughout the session to finish slightly lower on the day. Not too bad, considering how we were trading early in the morning. … [Read more]

Volume dries up; Small Caps Lead

A day after the latest release of the FOMC meeting minutes the market builds upon yesterday’s move off the lows. Volume didn’t accompany the move, but it is par for the course at this point. Volume really hasn’t mattered all that much since the Fed … [Read more]

Ahead of FOMC Minutes Stocks give up Monday’s Gains

We were bound to see this market cough up gains at some point. Today we saw the market roll over into the close ending the session with a day of distribution. Yesterday’s gains have vanished as we get the latest release of the FOMC meeting minutes. … [Read more]

NASDAQ wears out the Energizer Bunny, Keeps Going

The market welcomed traders back with a solid move into new high territory. Volume was up across the board as traders raced to get in the action. Retail simply has not been participating as seen in the AAII survey and at this point they have missed … [Read more]

BWT Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

Major stock averages ended the week the way they have traded throughout the past few weeks. With resilience. Stocks started off the day on a solid note but sold off to new intraday lows by midday before bouncing back and rallying into the close with … [Read more]

Crude Oil jumps; Stocks push Higher

After stalling out on Tuesday the market has been able to claw its way back and nearly recapture the high set this week. Volume was lower on the session despite some strong action in some names. Sellers continue to take this summer off as we remain … [Read more]