Small Caps Start the Holiday Week with Gains

Welcome to a holiday shortened week with a half day on Friday capping the week. The market was met with disappointing economic data as all releases missed their expectations. Buyers pushed the market higher, but were unable to sustain the higher … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading models remain mixed with the Nasdaq and Nasdaq 100 operating under a BUY signal and the NYSE, SP-500, DJIA, and Russell 2000 operating under a NEUTRAL signal. Despite the mixed signals, we are fully invested on the long side … [Read more]

Volume Fades as Stocks Close in the Red

Small cap stocks continue to fall back further away from its large cap brethren. Volume was decidedly lower than yesterday’s level. It is always nice to get the market to take a breather after such a move like yesterday. Wednesday’s action was … [Read more]

Fed Minutes boosts Stock Prices

The guessing game continues as the latest Federal Reserve meeting minutes were released Wednesday at 2pm EST. This market continues to rebound after last week’s selling. It is intriguing the market was selling off all week long ahead of the attacks … [Read more]

Afternoon Selling Sours Early Morning Gains

A sluggish start for stocks did not last too long as buyers began to pour into the market. Unfortunately for longs buyers did not stay around long enough to hold the intraday gains. Volume was up across the board with NYSE volume up more than 17%. … [Read more]

Markets Shake off Terror Threat ends Higher

After the events in Paris this market could have easily headed lower on fears of more attacks. There were plenty of stocks sporting big volume bars today despite overall volume light compared against Friday’s level. The market at the open did hit … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

This past week was a rough week for most of us here at Big Wave Trading as an orderly pullback turned into some nasty distribution at an extremely rapid pace. However, in light of the tragedy that unfolded in France on Friday, everything is obviously … [Read more]

Distribution Strikes the Market as NASDAQ tests recent Breakout

Heavy volume hits the market hard with small caps taking the brunt of the selling. Energy and Materials led the S&P 500 lower as commodity prices continue to slide. Lends to the question if the economy were strong wouldn’t commodity prices be … [Read more]

Volume Slows as Stocks Slide

For the most part today was a pretty decent day of consolidation for the overall market. Early morning gains were quickly erased before the market could really get its feet underneath itself. Selling was not unrelenting as volume was well under … [Read more]

NASDAQ Lags the Broader Market Trend Remains in Place

AAPL weighs down the NASDAQ as the broader market is led by the Russell 2000. It was nice to see small caps have a nice session, but the Russell 2000 remains well behind the NASDAQ 100 and S&P 500. Suppliers for AAPL did not have a good session, … [Read more]