S&P 500 Notches another All-Time High; NASDAQ at Decade Highs

The market continues to inch higher into new high territory.  Volume ended mixed on the session with the NYSE turnover higher while NASDAQ pulled in.  It is hard to argue with a market hitting an all-time high on higher volume.  Market pundits … [Read more]

Russell 2000 Continues to Lag the Major Averages

The story of the session was the volatility following the release of the FOMC meeting minutes.  For much of the session leading up to the release the market was relatively quiet.  Immediately following the release the market initially moved lower … [Read more]

Momentum Continues with the S&P 500 Leading the Way

For the past seven out of eight days the NASDAQ has seen a positive close.  Today, the S&P 500 would take over leading the market higher as volume across both the NYSE and NASDAQ fell from yesterday’s levels.  Lagging once again was the … [Read more]

Global Rally in Stocks Continues

Despite volume coming in lower than the 50 day average, stocks advanced.  We continue to see a plethora of stocks setup, breakout, and add to gains.  It is very important we continue to see this type of action from the stocks we are following.  … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading Portfolio is once again heavily long as our market direction model on the Nasdaq and Nasdaq 100 returned to BUY signal this week. This is following a series of switches from BUY (signal given in May) to NEUTRAL to SELL to NEUTRAL … [Read more]

Copper and Crude Fall as Bonds and Stocks Rally

A shaky start to the trading session for stocks gave way to steady buying throughout the entire session.  Leading the way once again was the NASDAQ 100 while the Russell 2000 lagged quite a bit.  Just after the bond auction at 1pm EDT the 30 year … [Read more]

Volume Expands with the NASDAQ 100 Leading the Way Higher

Despite a weaker than expected retail sales figures and a bond rally US stocks continued to push off their most recent lows.  European shares rose erasing Tuesday’s losses in a sign of strength and helping out early morning futures.  On the day, … [Read more]

Late Day Rally Spills Over as Europe Rebounds

A weak read from retail sales did very little tripping up the gains futures were indicating prior to the US market open.  European shares rebounded recovering majority of yesterday’s losses.  The DAX is now in range to confirm a new up-trend if … [Read more]

Monday Rally as Fears Ease

Global markets rally as geopolitical risk appear to diminish.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average was the weakest link in the US closing with just a .10% gain.  Small caps stocks led the entire market higher followed by the NASDAQ.  We were moving … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

TOP CURRENT HOLDINGS – PERCENT GAIN SINCE OUR SIGNAL DATE – DATE OF SIGNAL VIPS long – 479% – 7/17/13 HEES long – 218% – 9/4/12 AER long – 158% – 6/27/13 WDC long – 131% – 1/9/13 TPL long – 103% – 10/22/13 USCR long … [Read more]