Stocks Fall Hard after Long Weekend; Volume Jumps

This is not the way you want to return from a long weekend. After many enjoyed BBQs and remember those who have served those who came into the day long were hit hard by sellers. A plethora of mixed economic data hit the market, but nothing stands out … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading market models remain under a complete mix of signals, with the SPX, DJIA, COMPQ, and NDX under BUY signals, the RUT under a NEUTRAL signal, and the DJT under a SELL signal. These are all operational guideline signals and does not … [Read more]

Stocks inch higher; Volume ends Mixed

Economic data was a lot less than to be desired, but that did not stop the market from moving higher. Small cap stocks lagged the overall market with the NASDAQ leading the charge with the S&P 500 ending higher by .29%. Volume was mixed on the … [Read more]

Transports fall; Market Fails to Hold Post Fed Minute’s Gains

Morning selling gave way to buyers anticipating good news from the Federal Reserve Bank’s meeting minutes. After the release of the minutes the market went nuts with traders pushing the stock market higher. Unfortunately, the gains had after the … [Read more]

Trend Following Performance Update: April 2015

We receive monthly updates  from Au.Tra.Sy blog each month. You can find the latest post here. At the bottom of the post you are able to enter an email address to receive monthly updates. We suggest doing so for a couple of different … [Read more]

Stronger Dollar keeps a Lid on Stocks; Volume Higher

A strong move in the dollar today in the face of stronger housing data helped keep a lid on the stock market moving higher.  Volume on the exchanges moved higher as trades get back into the groove after Monday’s light volume session.  Crude oil … [Read more]

New All-Time Highs for S&P 500 and Dow

Worries about rising yields and a Greek default would not hold back the stock market making gains today.  Small caps led the day, but it was the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting new all-time highs.  Volume was lower, but … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading models are under an operational BUY mode on the SP-500 and NYSE following their breakouts to new all-time highs. The Nasdaq, Nasdaq 100, DJIA, and DJT averages remain under a NEUTRAL condition. As each of these indexes break out … [Read more]

NASDAQ Pushes to a New May High on Higher Turnover

While futures were pushing for a higher open sellers were quick to the punch.  For a moment it appeared as if the morning gains were going to be squandered.  Buyers were eager enough to step in and support the market.  The buying was steady … [Read more]

An Uneventful Day in Stocks; Yields Rise

Kicking off the day the market was hit with weak retail sales for the month of April.  Bond yields headed lower as many thought the Federal Reserve rate hike would be pushed back.  The NASDAQ was the initial beneficiary of buying at the start of … [Read more]