Boring Day as Stocks Inch Higher

Anyone watching the market today was more than likely bored to tears.  Today we witnessed a light volume trading session with very little in the way of excitement.  You do get these types of days every now and again, but the key is not to force … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

Aloha everyone. The Big Wave Trading market models are currently under an across the board operational NEUTRAL condition with the Russell 2000 under an operational SELL condition. We continue to hold our long-term winning stock positions and are … [Read more]

Distribution Shakes the Market

Following through on yesterday’s poor action sellers hit the market hard once again today.  End-of-the-month volume pushed the market to a distribution day across the board.  Today’s session knocks us back into neutral mode as this selling … [Read more]

US GDP falls short; Fed holds off on Raising Rates

Not a surprise to see first quarter GDP disappoint as stocks are unable to find their way higher.  The Federal Reserve policy statement failed to spark enough buyers to push stocks back to positive territory.  Another weak close for the entire … [Read more]

A Wild Ride as Stocks Close Mixed

A pop at the open was quickly erased as sellers rushed into the market pushing to the lows of the session.  Case-Shiller home prices showed some decent gains helping ease some of the premarket selling in futures.  The selling came fast and furious, … [Read more]

Nasty outside Reversal Casts Shadow over Markets

Early morning rise in futures and subsequent open to the market eventually caved and ushered in heavy volume selling.  Markit released its PMI reading and it was slightly weaker than expected, but did not hold back the equity markets from rallying … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading market models are currently mixed, following last week's gains in the market, with the Nasdaq, Nasdaq 100, SP-500, and NYSE all under operational BUY conditions. The DJIA, DJT, and Russell 2000 remain under an operational NEUTRAL … [Read more]

A Weak Close Blemishes A Good Day

As the 3pm hour began it appeared this market was ready to rocket higher.  Continuing with the trend sellers were able to push the market off their highs of the session.  The market did not start of strong with weak economic data hitting the … [Read more]

S&P 500 Advances as Small Caps Lag

After a rocky start to the session the market was able to get a lift into the close.  Volume was mixed on the session with volume on the NASDAQ slipped.  Small cap stocks lagged on the session, but still remains well within its current uptrend.  … [Read more]

Earnings sink Dow; NASDAQ Shines

There was a tale of two tapes with the Dow Jones Industrial average moving lower on earnings while the NASDAQ exerts leadership.  Early gains were hung onto by the NASDAQ, but the S&P 500 and Dow were unable to hang onto the gains set forth by … [Read more]