Big Wave Trading Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading portfolio is under an operational NEUTRAL signal across the board, following Wednesday's surprise no news heavy volume sell off. It is extremely rare to almost non-existent to see our model switch from a BUY signal to a NEUTRAL … [Read more]

Stocks Suffer Heavy Losses

Economic data as a whole continues to disappoint, but what took center stage today was the heavy volume selling across the board.  Kicking off the day was big merger news with Kraft and Heinz.  CNBC was very happy to get Warren Buffett on the phone … [Read more]

Distribution Hits the Market

Volume was higher on the NYSE giving the S&P 500 a day of distribution, but it was below average.  Selling hit the market just after noon eastern and continued throughout the afternoon until the close.  NASDAQ experienced higher volume than … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading models are currently under an operational BUY signal across the board without any negatives weighing against the models. There is a possibility, however, that prices will have a tough time moving higher from the levels that we … [Read more]

Light Volume Session as Market Digests Fed Meeting

As March Madness begins the market had a solid quiet inside consolidation day.  Biotech stocks were once again the talk of the town as many stocks were jumping higher.  Once again small cap stocks were the winners today with the NASDAQ Composite … [Read more]

Stocks Rally after Fed Loses “Patience”

All eyes were on the Federal Reserve statement today as many were looking for the word “patient” to be removed.  Ahead of the statement the market sold off and as the statement neared sellers took control.  Traders were certainly fearful of … [Read more]

Stocks Mixed ahead of Federal Reserve Meeting

Mixed housing data before the opening was completely ignored.  What dominated commentary was whether or not the Federal Reserve would remove the word “patient” be removed.  Housing starts plummeted 17% month-over-month.  Building permits were … [Read more]

Weekend Free Stock Charts

A few charts posted to Stocktwits show some promise:  LOCO, NXST, and PBYI (click charts for analysis): To get updates from Stocktwits follow Josh here. For access for our premium services click here.  Take your trading to the … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading portfolio underwent a few changes last week. By the end of the week, our models in the Nasdaq, Nasdaq 100, and Russell 2000 remained under a BUY operational condition. The SP 500, DJIA, and DJ-Transports switched from a BUY to a … [Read more]

Stocks Advanced as Volume Expands

Despite disappointing economic news stocks were able to rebound in healthy volume.  The S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial averages regained their respective 50 day moving average.  It was a very good sign the market was able to retake a key … [Read more]