Gains Continue as Volatility Continues to Drop

More all-time highs for this market as we continue to see a lack of selling from stock holders. This market continues defy all the odds and continues to move higher. Sure, we are due for some sort of correction. However, this market has many other … [Read more]

Tight Action Continues as Stocks Ease Lower

The major market indexes finished lower yesterday as volume jumped higher. Transportation and Utilities continue to march higher. Real Estate stocks enjoyed a nice day as well despite the Fed all but guaranteeing a rate hike in December. Financials … [Read more]

More All-Time Highs; Small Caps Inch Lower

Just another day in this market where all-time highs keep coming and bears continue to get slammed. Earnings season is now upon us with bank earnings to kick-off the season. It appears that if we are going to get any down days they will be small and … [Read more]

Volume Jumps as Stocks Move Up

We continue to see new highs from this market, but you don’t hear exuberance from the crowd. What the crowd thinks or does is not of our concern. However, this market has been plagued by naysayers since 2009. It is not out of the question to see this … [Read more]

Quiet Trade to Kick off Week

A nice solid day of consolidation kicked off the week’s trading. Volume subsided by more than 10% across the board as stocks put in a day of much needed consolidation. There is no question we are a bit overheated, but days like Monday do help in … [Read more]

Rally Continues as Jobs Report Comes into Focus

Another solid day of gains on Thursday as the NASDAQ 100 led all the major market averages with nearly a 1% gain. Small caps lagged behind the broader market, but the group has had a gigantic run as of late. We are certainly in overbought territory … [Read more]

Rally Continues; S&P 500 with 6 Day Win Streak

This market is certainly relentless as we continue to see this market make gains. The Russell 2000 index finally saw its first down day since the 21st of September ending an 8-day win streak. VIX remains in the single digits with many not expecting … [Read more]

Fourth Quarter Kicks off with Gains

Led by small cap stocks the market jumped higher again. The Russell 2000 gained more than 1.25% on the session while the Dow gained 153 points. A nice start to the week and quarter. Volume edged lower, but no real surprise there. We have a market … [Read more]

Stocks Higher as Volume Subsides

This market continues to run higher despite all the naysayers. Small cap stocks have been on a tear since mid-August. Now, IWM is overbought in extreme terms a small pullback here would not surprise us in the least. SPY and QQQ remain in their … [Read more]

Trumps Tax Plan Released; Small Caps Leap Higher

The long-awaited release of the tax plan Trump has promised finally arrived on Wednesday prior to the market open. Futures were given a lift and after a morning hiccup stocks jumped higher led by the Russell 2000. Financials moved higher as rates … [Read more]