NASDAQ continues Win Streak

There is simply no quit in this market whatsoever. Sure, the Dow closed lower by almost 13 points. However, the overall market continued to make gains. The ability for the major indexes to hold their respective 10-day moving averages is something … [Read more]

New All-Time Highs Continue for 2018

What an impressive start to 2018 for this stock market. We are not surprised by the force at which we are moving at. Despite growing optimism amongst the individual investor all historical references point to 2018 pumping out more gains. Fueled by … [Read more]

New Year more New Highs

Powered by the NASDAQ 100 stocks start the year with fresh new all-time highs. FANGs were more the willing to lead the way. Volume was higher on the session as institutions put money to work. All signs point to higher prices ahead. Energy and … [Read more]

Stocks Close Lower after Christmas Holiday

Low volatility continues to reign supreme as stocks inch lower. AAPL weighed down the market, but it did find support at the 50-day moving average. A clear line of support. Small caps finished higher on the session while the broader market paused. … [Read more]

Small Caps Inch out Gains as Broader Market takes a Breather

After many, many headlines the GOP’s tax cut plan was passed. Every day we were bombarded with headlines regarding the tax cut. Whether or not any of the promises or worries comes to fruition is another man’s guessing game. For now, stocks have been … [Read more]

Market Continues its March as Tax Plan Vote Nears

We continue to see buyers jump into the market as people cheer on the GOP tax plan. The Dow hit its 70th all-time high on Monday besting 1995’s year of 69 new all-time highs. This is not a bearish indicator and while we could experience a pause … [Read more]

Central Bank Hikes Rates; Stocks hit more All-Time Highs

As expected the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America raised its benchmark rate another quarter point. Volume on the exchanges were mixed with volume on the NYSE was slightly lower as the NASDAQ saw volume inch higher. The Dow … [Read more]

NASDAQ Leads as Small Caps Take a Step Back; Cryptomania Continues

Volume across both exchanges ended lower on the session despite closing all-time highs. Intraday all-time highs are within reach, but all eyes will begin to shift towards the Federal Reserve statement tomorrow at 2pm EST. The sore spot on the session … [Read more]

NASDAQ Squeaks out Gain; Dow and S&P 500 Lower

Aside from the extraordinary rise in the price of Bitcoin stocks continue to slosh around. Indexes are holding their respective 50-day moving averages which is a good sign. Volume is on track to end the week higher as the market stirs around these … [Read more]

Indexes Bifurcate; Stocks Lose Morning Gains

News over the weekend the Senate had passed their version of the tax bill sent stocks higher. Financials were big winners on the session. Higher rates and more money in customers’ pockets would certainly be a big win for the group. Volume was higher … [Read more]