Sideways Action Continues

Once again we have another day where the market does not make much progress. Volume was mixed with NYSE volume falling while NASDAQ volume jumped day-over-day. Mid-day sellers pushed stocks to their lows just after 10 am EDT. It appeared we were … [Read more]

Sideways Action Continues

A semi-weak open gave way to a strong early morning rally and it looked like this rally was going to carry us through throughout the day. But like usual the market found its highs around 2pm and spent the rest of the day going nowhere and then … [Read more]

Stocks Pop, but Fizzle during Late Day Fade

Earnings from NFLX helped boost the NASDAQ higher, but sellers were able to wrestle control over the market just after mid-day. Volume spent most of the day higher across the board, but hardly anything to get excited over. The next big hurdles for … [Read more]

Quiet Day of Trading as Stocks Slide

A light volume affair across the exchanges today. This market continues to remain in a limbo state where any move can come rather quickly. Major indexes are below their respective 50 day moving averages. Anything can happen under the 50 day and we … [Read more]

Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

On Tuesday our operational models switched to a SELL signal and as we close out another trading week we are leaving the week still under that operational SELL signal. Stocks staged a very bearish intraday reversal today basically shutting the door on … [Read more]

Earnings Season Heats up; Market Cools

A shaky start to the day as sellers hit the market hard. The market nearly made it all the way back to positive territory. Volume was higher across the board, but was below average. The positive spin on the day is certainly buyers were willing to … [Read more]

Fed Minutes show conflicted Central Bank

A mixed day on the street as the minutes from the latest Federal Reserve meeting were released at 2pm EDT. The minutes revealed the Federal Reserve was quite close to raising interest rates, but failed to get the votes necessary. Will they raise them … [Read more]

Stocks Fall Hard; Distribution Strikes

It did not take long for sellers to take over this market and push the major market averages lower. Volume soared too. Above average on the NASDAQ as healthcare related stocks took a large hit. We are still in a negative seasonality period for … [Read more]

Stocks Rise in Light Trade as Bond Market observes Columbus Day

A day removed from the 2nd Presidential Debate stocks move higher led by Energy and Information Technology stocks. Crude oil jumped to a 51 handle after the Russians reportedly will join an oil production pact. We have yet to see a real deal struck, … [Read more]

Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

I went into this past week with a neutral bias and I am leaving the most recent trading week with a neutral bias. I also stated that if this market did not breakout sooner than later in this sideways consolidation that the path of least resistance … [Read more]