AMZN and GOOGL jump in After-Hours Trade; Stocks mostly Higher

We inched higher again today on the Nasdaq and SP-500 with the Dow lower on the session. Volume sunk more than 7% across the board mostly due to the drop in volume from AAPL. At some point we will see a pullback, but for now we are continuing to push … [Read more]

AAPL propels NASDAQ; Dow and S&P 500 end lower

AAPL was the clear winner of the day closing up more than 6 points on the session. The stock helped the NASDAQ close up nearly 60bps. Volume swelled on the day as earning season continues. At 2pm the Fed released its most recent decision and stocks … [Read more]

Small Caps Lead; AAPL Higher after Earnings

A roller coaster type day as volume moves higher. A good sign was once again buyers were able to support the market. It was nice to see the Russell 2000 leading the market. AAPL vaulted higher after the market close. The stock will provide a big … [Read more]

Higher Turnover as Stocks find Support

Due to travel commentary will be cut short. Although volume was higher we were able to see buyers jump in and support this market. We are still in an uptrend and we are not going to bail just because we think we could head lower. Let's see how … [Read more]

Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

It was another impressive session on Friday and overall it was another impress week as stocks closed higher Friday on lower volume across the board. Lower volume or not the ability for the market to continue to climb despite the extremely overbought … [Read more]

Dow Ends Win Streak; VIX up 8%

The Dow finally ended it's win streak as the Dow fell 77 points. Small caps led the decline, but we still remain in an uptrend. One day of selling does not make it a trend. Profit taking on extended stocks proved to be a wise move. We can always … [Read more]

Dow Extends Streak; NASDAQ hit with Distribution

The Dow continues its winning streak while the NASDAQ gets tripped up with a day of distribution. Small caps right along NASDAQ fell harder than large blue chip stocks. Volume was lower on the NYSE as NASDAQ jumped higher. The good news is we … [Read more]

NFLX Fades in AH; Dow extends Win Streak

Another day and blue chips stocks continue to plow forward. BA was a big part in the move today for the Dow as the stock was up nearly 80bps. While the Dow was up it failed to set a new all-time high. BAC was up more than 3% after earnings. Banks … [Read more]

Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

This past week of moves into new highs was one of the oddest moves to new highs I have ever personally seen. Just when I think I have possibly seen it all, the market serves up something completely different and unexpected. However, the only thing … [Read more]

Dow up 5 Straight Days

More new highs as this market keeps chugging along. Volume slipped on the session, but price keeps pushing higher. Banks were enjoying gains as positive comments out JPM sent futures higher this morning. Jobless claims were better than expected … [Read more]