Website Continues to Deliver

BigWaveTrading has been providing its members with educational material including the New Position report since 2006.  At BigWaveTrading we use a price orientated trading system to navigate the US stock market.  Our focus is to get on stocks and … [Read more]

Another Day of Gains takes Win Streak to Six Days

Positive economic data from this morning and with Europe adding to its gains helped boost the market during the early going.  Buying continued throughout the session, but slowed to a halt by the final hour of trading.  Volume jumped day-over-day … [Read more]

Stocks Advance for the Fifth Straight Day

Coming off a long Easter weekend and with European markets closed US stocks were able to climb higher on the session.  Whether or not it was a lack of sellers or just enough buyers stocks were able to close near session highs.  Leading all gainers … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading Portfolio remains under a SELL signal but there is definitely strength in Big-Caps, especially in the Energy and REIT sectors, and thus the SP-500 and DJ-30 have moved back into a NEUTRAL position on the most short-term time … [Read more]

NASDAQ Rises as turnover Rises

Despite disappointing results out of big technology companies as GOOG and IBM the market was able to reverse early morning losses.  Volume was certainly aided by earnings, but it was higher across the board nonetheless.  Day three has come and gone … [Read more]

Adding to Gains Stocks Drive higher without Volume

Disappointing housing data did not get the market down following global markets moving higher.  It was a luncheon at the New York Economic club where Janet Yellen stressed the fed’s accommodation stance did the market push to the highs of the … [Read more]

Stocks Stage a Solid Rebound on Big Volume

The big story of the day was the epic turnaround stocks staged after suffering some heavy volume selling.  Hitting its 200 day moving average the NASDAQ found buyers and in big volume too.  Economic data came in pretty much as expected and nothing … [Read more]

A Late Day Rally saves the Market

The NASDAQ rallied nearly 40 points off the lows of the session to close in positive territory.  It appeared from the start of the last hour of trading sellers wanted to take over.  However, the market had something in-store for the sellers … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

The Big Wave Trading Portfolio remains under the strongest SELL signal triggered since 2012 as stocks continued to sell off the previous week on very heavy volume. There is nothing pressuring the model whatsoever on this SELL signal as of now. … [Read more]

Stocks Take a Dive; Volume Soars

Yesterday could have been a decent day for the market, but as we noted the volume was worrisome.  Those worries were validated today with sellers dominating the market as traders and investors alike were tripping over each other to dump stock.  The … [Read more]

Stocks Surge on light Turnover; VIX takes a plunge

The Federal Reserve meeting minutes helped stocks push higher after the minutes revealed the central bank to be more dovish.  Or so we think as these minutes were taken prior to Yellen’s “six months” comment.  At any rate, we saw Monday’s … [Read more]