Did Brexit Happen? Stocks Jump Again

The FTSE 100 recovered all of its losses after the Brexit vote today as here in the US stocks recovered more than half of their losses. Preliminary results showed volume was mixed with NASDAQ volume coming in higher while NYSE volume dropped. This … [Read more]

Stocks stop falling NASDAQ leads Market Higher

After two days of getting pounded stocks rebounded lead by the NASDAQ composite index. Volume was lacking and today’s bounce looks to be a dead cat bounce for now. While it was nice to see the market bounce it is likely just a pause before we … [Read more]

Selling continues as Brexit fallout continues

Continuing Friday’s selling traders and investors alike collective sold stocks lower as political pundits rush to get their opinions heard on Brexit. Regardless of the vote, the market is clearly trying to re-price the British leaving the European … [Read more]

Post-Brexit Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

There is no question that what we saw on Friday was a complete shock to the overall stock market. Despite what Monday-morning Quarterbacks were saying on Twitter, the market had absolutely priced in the possibility of a no vote at 100%. This is the … [Read more]

Small Caps Lead Stocks lower ahead of Brexit Vote

We are now just one day away from the Brexit vote and we cannot be more ecstatic to see it finally arrive. There has been endless coverage and not just here in the states. The entire globe is watching what the Brits will do. Market participants are … [Read more]

Yellen Speaks as Stocks Inch Higher

Brexit is nearing its end, but it was time for the US Federal Reserve chairwoman to take center stage. The market was quite indifferent to the chairwoman’s testimony on the Hill today. For the most part today was a relatively quiet day in the … [Read more]

Brexit Fears ease; Stocks finish well off their Highs

Over the weekend new polls revealed “remain” had gained the upper hand in the Brexit saga. The market cheered the results and global markets cheered. As the market neared the noon hour buyers began to wane. Sellers took over and were able to push the … [Read more]

Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

Friday was a poor session overall with volume rising significantly from the session before due to quadruple witching. However, stock indexes managed to hold their Thursday lows and there was further follow through to the bounce in DB and CS which … [Read more]

Dow Leads Big Reversal

Selling continued this morning as bonds were racing higher. Volume was running hot, but after 5 straight days of selling the market ran out of sellers. Before the noon time hour, it appeared the market had set the lows for the session and would try … [Read more]

Fed holds Rates Steady; Stocks Fall

Well, we found out the Fed is not going to raise rates any time soon. The number of Fed Presidents looking for a rate hike will diminish. Price action continues to remain weak and today was further proof this summer will more than likely be … [Read more]