GDP Beats Expectations; Stocks Advance

The day after the FOMC announced the end of its third round of quantitative easing stocks advance.  Early morning futures digested better than expected GDP reading.  Futures did not get all that excited over the GDP figure as it appeared it was … [Read more]

Fed Halts QE; Stocks End Lower

As expected the Federal Reserve ended the current round, round three of quantitative easing.  Volume ran hot throughout the session and picked up its pace after the Federal Reserve announcement.  Post announcement the usual volatility dance the … [Read more]

Stocks Power Ahead of Wednesday’s Federal Reserve Announcement

Strong consumer confidence helped push the market higher, but it may be anticipation of another round of QE pushing the market higher.  Tomorrow’s Federal Reserve announcement is once again the highlight of the week for traders.  Boil down the … [Read more]

Stocks End Mixed; Fed Meeting Looms

An early morning sell off as pending home sales disappointed did not last long.  Buyers and we use this term loosely came to the market’s rescue pushing the market back near Friday’s closing prices.  Crude oil was a hot topic as the commodity … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

Despite the V-shaped straight-up lower volume rip higher by the overall market the past week, our market models remain under a NEUTRAL condition across the board. This includes the Nasdaq and Nasdaq 100 which retook their downtrending 50 day moving … [Read more]

Volatility Continues as Stocks Rebound

Yesterday’s losses were quickly erased as traders cheered earnings.  CAT reported earnings prior to the bell and after buying back a ton of stock they were able to goose earnings enough to beat rather easily to the upside.  Buying started from … [Read more]

Near Distribution Day Spells Trouble for Confirmed Rally

All was going well for the markets until afternoon selling soured the entire rally.  Yesterday’s big volume and big price move confirmed a new market rally.  The unfortunate news today was immediately following a confirmation day was a near … [Read more]

Market Confirms New Rally

On the back of AAPL’s earnings the stock market confirmed a new market rally with an explosion to the upside.  While confirming a new rally is always exciting this was done very quickly and well away from lows.  The shape of this rally is not one … [Read more]

AAPL and NASDAQ 100 Lead Stocks Higher

Early morning disappointing earnings news from IBM kicked off the week by sending US futures lower.  European indexes were lower following the weekend adding to the weakness in US futures.  Since the last Federal Reserve meeting stocks have been … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

Day three of a rally attempt is under the belt and now we are on the look out for a Follow-Through Day. Friday was not a FTD based on two conditions: lower volume than the session before and a weak overall intraday session following the gap higher. … [Read more]