Stocks Advance for a Second Straight Day

Early morning futures were screaming higher on the back of the global rally.  The rally stayed strong throughout the session and kicked into overdrive during the final hour of trading.  Volume ended lower across the board, but remained above … [Read more]

Stocks Rally as Fed Vows to Keep Rates Low

Stocks rally hard as the FOMC vows to continue to keep rates low for a considerable amount of time. The market brushed aside fears over a default in High Yield land and even Russia for a day. Market pundits focused in on the Fed and what their … [Read more]

Stocks Take a Wild Ride; Russian Situation Worsens

As crude continues to fall worries over high yield debt are not working their way into Russia.  Overnight the Russian Central Bank raised rates to stem the flow away from the Russian markets.  Futures were all over the place prior to the market … [Read more]

Crude Falls Further Sparking Fears over High Yield Debt

A short-lived rally in crude during the morning session helped boost stocks.  However, a worse than expected NAHB Housing report appeared to be the catalyst for the selling across the board.  Crude oil once again was lower pushing to a $55 … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

Friday was a very ugly session for our overall stock market averages with every index selling off on heavier volume than the session before. The distribution days are starting to add up and the lack of volume on the upside leading up to this … [Read more]

Afternoon Selling Chops Down Gains

A sizeable rebound was in the works until the afternoon where sellers took over sending stocks to the lows of the session.  Retail sales came in better than expected thanks to a surge in auto sales.  The story of the session was once again the fall … [Read more]

The Market Giveth, the Market Taketh

Just after a tremendous rally the market returns to yesterday’s low in light trade.  Crude oil continued its decline and while it is good news for consumers.  On the flip side, producers of the commodity and highly levered are not in good … [Read more]

Stocks Stage Massive Intraday Rally as Small Caps Lead

Futures took a hit as Asian markets sold off in heavy volume.  The Shanghai Composite led all decliners falling more than 5% on its highest volume ever.  Hang Seng was down two percent.  While not as extreme European markets were lower by 1-2% … [Read more]

Crude Falls to Lowest Levels Since 2009; Dow Down 100 Points

Crude oil continued its fall today while sellers took over the stock market just before noon time.  Volume was up across the board as the market notched its 3rd day of distribution in recent weeks.  Another ominous sign for the markets was we got … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Portfolio Update And Top Current Holdings

The operational model and portfolio management at Big Wave Trading remains under a NEUTRAL to soft-BUY condition across the board. The DJIA and SPX are under BUY conditions and the rest of the major market indexes are currently under a NEUTRAL … [Read more]