Big Wave Trading Weekend Synopsis

The bifurcation in the current overall market is simply something I am not willing to casually overlook right now. The last time I saw something this extreme was back in 1999/2000 and that did not turn out well. So until I start witnessing the … [Read more]

NASDAQ 100 Struggles; Dow Inches out Gains

November closes out on a sour note despite gains for the month. Volume soared as end of the month rebalancing flooded the final hour of trading. Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google weighed down the NASDAQ 100 closing lower by 1.28%. The … [Read more]

Stocks Close Slightly Higher

Much of the day the NASDAQ appeared to be well on its way moving higher on excellent volume. Crude oil was moving lower as headlines over an OPEC deal were pessimistic about a supply cut. Volume was higher across the board as the hangover from the … [Read more]

Stocks end Lower; Russell Breaks 15 Day Win Streak

It was bound to happen to the Russell 2000 index. We finally saw a down day. One heck of a win streak for the small cap index as the final win streak ended at 15 days. We have not seen a rally like this in quite some time. You will have your … [Read more]

Top Current Holdings Weekend Update

Aloha everyone. As we head into the new trading week, all is well on my end as I am long a plethora of stocks well outperforming the overall market. While it would be lovely to be holding 5 stocks at 20% of my account capital invested in each, … [Read more]

BWT Weekend Synopsis

Aloha from Maui. I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday and that you are all enjoying your holiday weekend. There is no rest on my end as I continue to hunt and stalk for the next round of leaders in this uptrend. Right now, there is no … [Read more]

Russell 2000 Win Streak Continues as Volume expands

A short consolidation period for the Russell continues to be delayed as buyers continue to pile on push the win streak to 13 days. Today while the win streak is on the S&P 500, Dow, NASDAQ, Russell 2000, and Midcap 400 all closed at all-time … [Read more]

Positive Start to the Week; Energy Leads

Energy was back in the headlines as crude oil jumped nearly 5% on the day. Small caps stocks continued their run as the Russell 2000 closed higher for the 11th session out of 12. Volume ended the day mixed as NASDAQ volume fell while NYSE volume just … [Read more]

BWT Top Current Holdings Review

The strong post-election uptrend has helped produce some solid gains in a lot of my long positions. While it is disappointing that I do not have one single EOD trend following position account for 10% of my account capital, the consolation prize is … [Read more]

BWT Weekend Update

This market just has no quit in it. This should be good news for the intermediate and possibly longer term health of the market but on the short term it continues to just get more ridiculous. It does appear that a pullback is starting in the overall … [Read more]