Transportation Stocks Lead the Way; AAPL Pulls Down NASDAQ

The big story of the day was the Federal Reserve meeting. As expected the Fed will begin to wind down its balance sheet. Most likely at a snail’s pace, but will begin to wind it down. Transportation stocks got a boost as the group ended the day up … [Read more]

Slow Crawl Continues; Volume Mixed

Tuesday’s session was confined to a tight trading range as volume on the NYSE inched higher and volume on the NASDAQ inched lower. All eye will be on the Federal Reserve statement at 2pm this afternoon. Small Cap stocks have battled back to their old … [Read more]

VIX Continues Slide; Stocks Higher

Another day of gains and despite a late afternoon bout of selling the market was able to hold onto its gains for the session. Russell 2000 finished the day as the leader in the clubhouse with a gain of 65bps, but the index has not been able to join … [Read more]

Dow Continues March into New All-Time Highs

Just another day in this low volatility, high valuation market. Stocks were mixed with the Dow Jones Industrial Average moving into new high territory while the NASDAQ and S&P 500 were lower on the session. Volume was mixed with NASDAQ falling on … [Read more]

Volume Rises as Stocks Inch Higher

As news flow from the Hurricanes has died down the market has adjusted itself into new highs. Volume is running in favor of the upside for now and is a good sign. Nothing is overwhelmingly saying we are going to explode to new highs. We continue to … [Read more]

Rally Continues as the Russell 2000 Leads; iPhone X Revealed

The biggest news event outside the devastation hurricanes have left over the past few weeks was the iPhone X reveal. A new iWatch series was released too, but the iPhone X was the biggest headline of them all. AAPL and the NASDAQ moved in tandem as … [Read more]

Hurricane Irma Fears Erased as Stocks Climb

Initial fears were Irma was going to completely devastate the state of Florida, but those fears were curbed when Irma’s track shifted avoiding a worse-case scenario. Volume was mixed with the NASDAQ seeing volume come in higher on the session. The … [Read more]

Stocks Finished Thursday Flat

Thursday’s market action was relatively non-eventful as the market finished near breakeven for the session. Volume inched higher, but normal as we are clear from summer vacation season. Hurricane Irma continues to be the focus even after the ECB’s … [Read more]

Volume Slides but Stocks Close Higher

Wednesday's market action was not overly inspiring, but the positive was we did not see follow through to the downside. Volume inched lower, but was near with Tuedsay's level. We have seen this story before where this market climbs higher on light … [Read more]

North Korea Fears Reappear; Stocks Lower as Volume Jumps

Over the long weekend North Korea tested what it was believed to be a hydrogen bomb. While our intelligence community is busy verifying if this is true, the market was not so happy with the test. Volume jumped more than 25% across the board as … [Read more]