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Big Wave Trading exits to help our subscribers to become great traders.  Our great service began in 2007  and we have seen just about everything this market can throw at anyone.  Prior to starting Big Wave Trading Joshua Hayes had 10 years experience trading including the dot com bubble.  This subscription gives you access to his trades and expertise.  We want our subscribers to succeed alongside us building their trading capital.  We have built a time tested process identifying potential monster stocks.  Big Wave Trading offers two levels of subscriptions designed to make you a better trader.  Our default subscription gains you access to our private chat where traders discuss potential monster stocks, trading patterns, general market conditions and much more.  Here are our offerings:

Platinum Subscription level

Come join the Big Wave Trading community! The Platinum subscription level gives you access to the New Positions, but adds Live Chat and video access. Here you will get access to the Big Wave Trading community answering your trading questions. Our forums contain stock market articles designed to help build your trading skills. Enter the Big Wave Trading Live Chat room and hear the chatter from top traders squawking about the trading day. Get real-time analysis on the market in the Big Wave Trading Lobby!  In addition, get a watch list of stocks with the potential of moving big during the trading session!

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New Positions Gold Subscription level

Get Big Wave Trading’s daily portfolio moves direct from the trading desk. Each day you will get a full report on Big Wave Trading’s buys/sells and shorts/longs. Big Wave Trading strives to provide our members with precise commentary for your trading needs. The New Positions daily subscription will get you ready for the trading day producing outstanding performance.

Big Wave Trading’s mission is to provide the member with top notch timely information regarding the markets. Come join our community of top traders. We look forward to having you as a Big Wave Trading member!

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Gold - 29.99 USD per 1 month - Ongoing.
Monthly Big Wave Trading Gold Subscription
Platinum - 59.99 USD per 1 month - Ongoing.
Monthly Big Wave Trading Platinum Subscription
Gold Yearly - 299.00 USD per 1 year - Ongoing.
Gold Yearly subscription
Platinum Yearly - 599.00 USD per 1 year - Ongoing.
Platinum Yearly subscription