From the Trading Desk

Stocks Extend Gains for Third Straight Day

Early morning rally from European markets albeit on continued economic weakness helped fuel early morning gains in US Futures. China didn’t help matters with a disappointing Flash PMI reading with the Shanghai falling 2.6%. US economic data didn’t surprise to the upside with the Markit US PMI came in at 52.0 with the expectations at […]

S&P 500 Hits another High as Crude Oil Nears $100

Once again buyers support the market at the lows. It has been the trend as of late to find buyers as the market appears to be in free fall. Positive data from Case-Shiller did help the mood. Volume rose on the day across the board showing institutions were quite active in the market. Technology stocks, […]

The Dow and Russell 2000 Close Positive as the NASDAQ 100 Limps into the Close

Economic news was mixed with a disappointing durable goods figure and a better than expected Kansas City Fed Manufacturing reading. The dollar rose again as the European situation continues to act as an annoyance to the market. Europeans cannot get their act together and we continue to suffer having to see it used an excuse […]

Something Doesn’t Feel Right but Stocks Close Higher on Increased Trade

Financial stocks lead the market higher despite the pitiful performance from many leading stocks. Jobless claims jumped week over week, but it was better than expected readings from Leading Indicators and the Philly Fed helping out the market during the early going. Leading stocks bolted out of the gate in the morning trading hours only […]

Stocks Close Lower Despite Big Earnings out of AAPL Stock

AAPL stock blew out earnings estimates and gave an impressive earnings release. There is no denying the power of that stock, but its gains failed to lift the market for a second straight day. Volume dried up across the board, excluding AAPL from the mix. The action in many stocks have become troubling and today […]

AAPL Stock Blows out Earnings as Stocks Zoom Higher in Increased Trade

Running out of the gate stocks zoomed higher as volume swelled after the market had pulled back from the reaction move off the Japan Crisis low. The action near the most recent highs called into question the whether or not the market would be able to support higher prices. IBD even put their market outlook […]

AAPL Stock Rises in the Face of Selling from the Crisis in Japan

Stock Market Remains in Correction Futures were rattled on Sunday evening with the news of meltdowns at Japanese nuclear plants.  As news about explosions rocking power plants panic selling began in the futures.  The markets opened and upon opening buyers seemed to come out supporting the market like Friday’s session.  Just as the market was […]

AAPL and NASDAQ hit 52 Week Highs

Bears continue to be frustrated as the market hits new highs Notching another 52 week high the NASDAQ added to Monday’s gains led by AAPL stock as volume volume rising across the board.  AAPL the largest stock in the NASDAQ hit another new high as investors continue to rush to own the stock.  The market […]

The Market Rebounds from Last Week's Selling

Volume ends lower across the board with solid price gains Stocks advance in front of President Obama’s State of the Union Speech.  Preliminary volume shows stocks advanced in lighter trade compared to Friday’s inflated figure due to options expiration.  Price gains were mostly had by big cap technology stocks with AAPL leading the way.  Early […]

The Market Ends Higher in Anticipation of Earnings

After-hours trading shows earnings disappointment, but the market still is in a healthy uptrend Earnings were the main story today aside from further talk about Quantitative Easing and the Foreclosure crisis.  Citigroup (C) lead off the string of earnings as the market cheered its earning release sending the stock as well as other financial stocks […]