Stocks Rebound after Post-Fed Hangover

Yesterday’s end-of-day rally was quickly erased as sellers returned during the first part of today’s trading session. Early in the session Monday’s lows were challenged. The S&P 500 and NASDAQ both could find buyers at their lows. Volume was … [Read more]

Fed Raises Rates; Dow Shines as NASDAQ Fades

Once again, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates as expected by another 25 basis points. The announcement came at 2pm eastern daylight savings time. Odds were in favor of a June or July rate hike and the central bank decided to go forth with … [Read more]

NASDAQ Rebounds; Traders Await the Fed

Due to an unfortunate kitchen accident we will forgo commentary tonight. Cutting your thumb wide open is not a way to star your evening. Check back in tomorrow! By then, typing will be a lot easier! … [Read more]

Large Cap Tech Selling Continues

The first half hour of trading sellers dominated the market as large cap technology stocks were once again facing unrelenting selling. It appeared we were going to have another day where the NASDAQ was down big with FB, AAPL, AMZN, NFLX, and GOOGL … [Read more]

Sell-off in Crude Sacks Energy; Stocks up as Turnover Picks Up

An expected build in inventories helped send Crude Oil lower by more than 5% as the S&P 500 Energy sector finished the day down 1.5%. Luckily, the group only makes up 6% of the entire S&P 500. Financials were the winning sector of the day as … [Read more]

Final Hour of Trading Sours Day; First Distribution Day in 2 Weeks

The final hour of trading sent stocks lower as the NASDAQ has its first distribution day since the 17th of May. Volume was running higher than Monday throughout the day, but selling picked up as the market closed out the session. In a positive … [Read more]

A Dull Day on Wall Street Kicking Off the First Week of June Trading

Perhaps traders are suffering from a weekend hangover as stocks close lower in very light trading. Volume was lower across the board and below average. We actually need a few days where the market moves very little and volume is light. We have come … [Read more]

Weekend Update: Headline News Wall Of Worry

Stocks staged a pretty decent follow-through, on Friday, to the Wednesday reversal and Thursday rally. Stocks did not manage to trend up the entire day but some selling in the final 30 minutes was accumulated into the close. The RUT started to lag … [Read more]

Friday Morning Coffee: Uptrend continues

Despite all the negativity regarding the political and economic landscape our uptrend continues to remain intact. We continue to get new trading signals, a healthy sign for this uptrend. Yesterday, small cap stocks could jump more than 2% recovering … [Read more]

May closes out with Losses, but NASDAQ on a 7 Month Win Streak

A great start to the day as traders quickly erased yesterday’s losses. However, it did not last long as sellers got ahold of the market and slammed it lower. The rollover appeared to be severe as volume was running hot and there were no signs of … [Read more]