Stocks follow up Monday with Quiet Session

A quiet day on Tuesday with the Dow inching out gains while the S&P 500 and NASDAQ finish to the downside. Volume was mixed with NYSE volume jumping while NASDAQ volume fell on the session. Not a bad session by any stretch of the imagination … [Read more]

Stocks Start the week on the Positive Side

After last week’s tumble, the market aimed to stage a comeback on Monday. Volume was lower across the board as Summer and Monday trading hold true to form. The news cycle continued to focus on the appalling situation over the weekend and turned away … [Read more]

Friday Morning Coffee: Stocks Fall Hard; Red Flags Fly

It was bound to happen as stocks made their way higher into new all-time high territory sellers would come in and hit stocks. We have seen this happen before in May and in June. This time, seasonality is on the side of sellers and with roughly two … [Read more]

Summer Trading Continues, NASDAQ hit with Distribution

Volume was mixed across the board as NYSE volume fell with NASDAQ volume rising on the session. The NASDAQ fell 56bps and given the higher volume is classified as a distribution day. We expect lackluster to weak action during the summer months and … [Read more]

Stocks Stall out at Highs, Volume Jumps

Tuesday was not the type of day you would expect after the mornings strength. Volume rose on the session as traders left as quickly as they entered the market Tuesday morning. The high turnover produced a bearish reversal for the first time in quite … [Read more]

Traders Welcomed back with Low Turnover and New Highs

Once again, the Dow sets another record high for the 9th straight day closing higher for the 10th day in a row. While gains are not tremendous we continue to see the index act well despite the negativity surrounding the market. The QQQs finished … [Read more]

Friday Morning Coffee: Jobs Report in Focus

Futures are pushing higher this morning in anticipating a positive jobs report. Yesterday’s action was once again okay as the NASDAQ and S&P 500 closed lower without too much damage. The Dow hit its 7th all-time high in a row. There is nothing … [Read more]

Thursday Morning Brief: Divergence Appears

Yesterday’s trading action was not precisely what you would like to see out of this market. First, it was nice to see support at the morning lows and for the market to shake off sellers. However, internally our portfolios saw a lot of weakness. Small … [Read more]

AAPL Jumps in After-Hours Dow continues Record Streak

It was just another day at the office for this market as we saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average strike another all-time high yesterday. NYSE volume edged slightly higher with NASDAQ lower. AAPL’s jump in after-hours trading will certainly aid the … [Read more]

Tuesday Morning Drip: Uptrend Continues with Dow at All-Time Highs

The Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to benefit from earnings as the index once again hit an all-time high on Monday. NASDAQ 100 struggled with AMZN struggling. AAPL reports Tuesday after the bell and should have an impact on Wednesday. … [Read more]