Indexes Bifurcate; Stocks Lose Morning Gains

News over the weekend the Senate had passed their version of the tax bill sent stocks higher. Financials were big winners on the session. Higher rates and more money in customers’ pockets would certainly be a big win for the group. Volume was higher … [Read more]

November Closes with Huge Move by the Dow; Tax Cuts Eyed

Powered by financials the Dow moved more than 300 points on Thursday. The blue chip, price-weighted index hit another all-time high. Hopes of a tax cut helped fuel the move along with higher yields as Bond Yields moved higher. The next Federal … [Read more]

NASDAQ 100 Slammed; Dow and Russell 2000 Higher

Wednesday’s market action was certainly interesting with the NASDAQ 100 coming under a lot of selling pressure. Volume soared as institutions appeared to be leading the charge selling down NASDAQ 100 names. FANG stocks were hit hard and apart from … [Read more]

Cryptos are on Fire; Stocks Shake off North Korean Missile Test

The two biggest stories of the day on Tuesday were certainly Bitcoin heading to 10,000 and North Korea launching another missile. First, North Korea has been quiet as of late. We did have some rhetoric from the isolated regime, but military activity … [Read more]

Small Cap Stocks Begin Week Lower; Dow Inches Higher

First and foremost, we hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving week and weekend. The Dow was able to squeak out gains during Monday’s session. Small cap stocks as measured by the Russell 2000 index were down the most at 39bps. VIX dropped nearly … [Read more]

New All-Time Highs Continue; Volume Up

In a show a strength buyers came out in full force and pushed stocks to more all-time highs. Earnings are the excuse, but this uptrend has been in place for quite some time. Volume was up across the board indicating buyers were more than happier to … [Read more]

Small Caps Lead Gains; NASDAQ 100 Slumps

It is Thanksgiving week here in the US and historically speaking is a good week for gains. Volume was lighter on Monday, but gains were made in the Russell 2000 and Dow Jones Industrial Average. We had our normal news flow, but calls for a market top … [Read more]

WMT and CSCO Lift Stocks after Earnings

After the market had gone quiet for a few days we get a day like Thursday. Sentiment across the world had quickly become bearish as many are looking to pick the top of the market. We on the other hand simply follow the trend and react to the market … [Read more]

Constructive Consolidation Continues; Stocks Close near Session Highs

Once again, we saw the market pull back only to find buyers pushing the market to the highs of the session. Volume was higher on the NYSE while NASDAQ volume inched lower. Losses were small on the S&P 500 and Dow as Distribution was avoided on … [Read more]

Market Adds to Gains; Albeit Small

Monday’s session saw stocks inch higher finishing off their lows after a shaky start to the day. We continue to see bullish action and although gains are minimal there is still buying power underneath. AMZN and NFLX helped the NASDAQ out with gains … [Read more]