Week begins Mixed; France Elections Ignored

The French elections turned out to be much to do about nothing. We saw the market completely ignore the news of Macron’s victory. More importantly, the NASDAQ notched another all-time high as AAPL continues to set new all-time highs. Volume was … [Read more]

Crude Oil Falls as Stocks Close Flat

Despite some intraday fireworks, it was crude oil stealing the show falling to new lows since OPEC announced its production cuts. The Dow Jones Industrial average fell more than 100 points on the session as crude headed towards its day’s low. Even as … [Read more]

Volume jumps as Traders await the Fed’s Statement Wednesday

We saw a big jump in volume today despite the lack of movement from the market. Small caps continue to trade sluggishly as the index was the only major index to close in the red. Tomorrow’s Fed statement will be closely watched by majority of the … [Read more]

AAPL and AMZN lead Stocks Higher

AAPL hit another all-time high today along with AMZN sending the NASDAQ to another new all-time high as well. We continue to see strong moves in the NASDAQ 100 as earnings season continues to roll. While earnings continue to hit the wires, many will … [Read more]

Morning Musings: Last Friday’s Commentary on the Money

Last Friday morning we wrote commentary regarding how the market was poised to run higher. Was it luck we were so timely with the post? Luck is where preparation meets opportunity. We have been quite long this market for some time only because price … [Read more]

Trumps Tax Plan fails to impress Stocks

After a good start to the week stocks take a break pushing higher. Small cap stocks were up more than 1% on the session, but could not hold onto gains as the index closed well off its high of the day. Volume was mixed as NYSE volume was higher on the … [Read more]

Stocks Add to Gains

Another solid day for the markets with big gains and volume too. We continue to reap the benefits of being long this market. While complexity sells out model boils down to proper risk management and following price action. Geopolitical risks are … [Read more]

Another Election passes and Stocks jump Higher

The morning gap higher was looking quite promising for this market. French elections, or at least the first round had passed and the world did not end. Funny. While the gains were solid this market is far less impressive when you peek behind the … [Read more]

Morning Musings: Is the Stock Market Ready to Run?

After yesterday's big market run it begs the question are we going to see another big market run? A big positive yesterday was IWM breaking back above its 50 day moving average. The ETF has been within a consolidation range for quite some time. It … [Read more]

Small Caps Gain, but Broad Market Struggles

Commentary is going to be short. Dealing with illness is never fun. We continue to see a market struggling to find its footing. Today's session started off great. However, sellers took over. The Dow was weighed down by IBM after it reported its … [Read more]