Friday Morning Cup of Joe: Stocks Rally to Close August

August was a fun month for stocks after a nice ride in July. While it was rough going for some the market held on and salvage the month rallying up until the last trading session. Small cap stocks continue to be a weak spot and is a key watch area … [Read more]

Stocks Add to Gains

Technology stocks led Wednesday’s market action as the NASDAQ Composite finished higher by more than 1%. The Dow lagged significantly behind both the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ Composite during Wednesday’s trading. Volume was mixed with the NASDAQ … [Read more]

Stocks Turn Positive Shaking off North Korean Threat

In a stunning turn of events yesterday buyers rushed into the market pushing it higher after opening lower after North Korea flew a missile over Japan on Monday late afternoon. Volume ended the day higher across the board in support of the day’s … [Read more]

North Korea Missile Launch Sparks Fear

After a relatively good day for the markets North Korea spoils with a missile launch. Futures quickly began to sell off as the missile proceeded to pass over parts of Japan. Seoul South Korea responded dropping bombs at the border, but this latest … [Read more]

Volume Ticks Higher; Stocks Post Small Losses on the Day

Thursday’s action was another relatively smooth day for the markets. Volume was higher, but losses were contained. Avoiding distribution here is key for the markets. Friday’s session traders will await comments from ECB President and if more QE is on … [Read more]

A Solid Session as Stocks Take a Breather

Not a bad session for the stock market on Wednesday as the entire market closed slightly lower in lower volume. It is important at this state to avoid distribution, but also consolidate above the 50-day moving average. IWM performed the best … [Read more]

Stocks Rally as Volume Inches Higher

Living below the 50-day moving average did not last long for either the NASDAQ Composite or S&P 500 as buyers hopped back into the market. Volume was higher, but only be 1.7% on the NASDAQ and 1.33% on the NYSE. Solid price action, but we did not … [Read more]

Total Eclipse and Light Volume, Tight Trading to begin the Trading Week

Monday’s session witnessed lighter volume across the board. The Dow and S&P 500 could battle for gains after morning selling. VIX was slammed as the market traded higher and in a relatively tight trading band for the day. Fear is not something we … [Read more]

Stocks Fall Hard as Distribution Mounts

Thursday’s stock market action was quite telling with a high volume down day resulting in a day of distribution across the board. Losses were heavy across the board and now with 9 distribution day’s the NASDAQ appears weak enough to move back towards … [Read more]

Stocks Sneak Away with Gains after Fed Minutes

Wednesday’s session was a bit lackluster with the market unable to hold majority of the day’s gains. Volume was up across the board, but given where we ended it isn’t inspiring this attempt at a rally will be fruitful. GOOGL and AMZN appear to be … [Read more]