Big Wave Trading Weekend Update

Price action. Price action. Price action. This is what it is all about. When you consider all the noise the past two weeks, there still has been one consistent piece of data the entire time. If you take a look at a daily chart of the SP-500 or the … [Read more]

Fed Holds Rates Steady; AAPL Buoys NASDAQ

Once again stocks find some support at the day’s lows only to rally higher. AAPL’s jump helped out the NASDAQ and NASDAQ 100 tremendously as the stock jumped after reporting earnings. The Fed released a statement after its most recent meeting holding … [Read more]

Small Cap Stocks Lead Rebound

Small cap stocks roared to life as biotechnology stocks rebound after Trump’s meeting with industry leaders. Volume jumped as end of the month rebalancing volume poured end as managers were try to rebalance their portfolios. Things did not look … [Read more]

Stocks Post Worst Performance since Election

Volume jumped across the board giving a day of distribution to all indexes as we just witnessed the worst performance the stock market has had since Trump’s election. A bright spot was certainly the major indexes holding onto key moving averages and … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Weekend Update

A quiet session on Monday with a bullish intraday reversal, strong sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday on heavier volume, followed by quiet consolidations on lower volume on Thursday and Friday. When you are already fully invested, it doesn’t get much … [Read more]

Market Follows-Through on Tuesday’s Gains

Another solid day in the market as we saw traders pile into stocks following-through on yesterday’s gains. Today was a good sign and certainly support for higher prices. Certainly, a little rest would do us some good. For now, the action we have seen … [Read more]

Small Caps Lead the Charge Higher

A solid session with small cap stocks pushing higher behind a swell of volume. Stocks were up across the board as earnings season continues to roll. Trump’s first 100 days continue to be a focus point for the media while we focus on price action. … [Read more]

Big Wave Trading Weekend Update

Stock indexes put in a solid session on Friday. Unfortunately, stock indexes were not able to build off of the momentum that the trading session started with. Instead, stock indexes sold off only to see a decent intraday double bottom turn into a … [Read more]

Stocks Slump as Trump Inauguration Nears

Coming off the long week the market started the week on the wrong foot. Sellers dominated much of the day. Volume was up across the board as the NASDAQ notched a day of distribution. Perhaps the real tell of the market were financials as regionals … [Read more]

Stocks Shake Sellers end near Session Highs

What a wild ride in the markets today. While not as wild as September 2008, but given the context of this rally it was quite a ride. Early morning sellers went to work on the market pushing stocks to the session lows in no time. Slowly, but surely … [Read more]