From the Trading Desk

GOOG 1-4-08 to 3-10-08

GOOG was a nice short but due to the low volume I was unable to “load up” and really make the short worth my while. However, the price rollover and breakdown, with the bear market starting, was a near-perfect short setup price wise. The stock subsequently fell 37% from my short to the ultimate low […]

CBEY 1-7-08 to 3-10-08

CBEY was a great short but the huge gain in a short time was not expected. What is worse is that, once again, I mismanaged this one and instead of waiting for a HUGE volume surge over the 50 DMA and/or a move above the 200 DMA, I did cover with a move over the […]

SIGM 2-19-08 to 4-15-08

SIGM was a fabulous short that was mismanaged by myself in this bear market. I should still be short and would have a 80%+ return at the lows in November from the time I first went short. However, I had to admit it was still very nice to be short a stock that managed to […]

GRMN 1-8-08 to 4-30-08

I decided to start this series off with a recent winner from the start of our current downtrend. Why I want to start with this is to teach you how to not mismanage a short. This short in a short three months and two weeks returned a very impressive 49%. This was a nice return […]

XCO 5-30-08 to 7-1-08

Event though I knew oil was topping (review my comments in the market commentaries when oil topped) soon, I know that some of the best big winners are the late stocks that make big surges. XCO bounced right off the 50 DMA, had strong fundamentals, and as you can see was preceded by a ton […]

DGLY 4-16-08 to 5-14-08

This stock is nothing short of a disappointment and sums up 2008. This has been BY FAR one of the best setups and one of the most correct executions of a new long since the consistency stopped in early 2007. However, after ONLY one month, the move that APPEARED to be the start of a […]

PDO 5-9-08/6-5-08 to 6-24-08

PDO was an easy one for me to get very long and many subscribers had no problem getting the signal across either. From the first buy to the top, the stock gained 371% in one month and three weeks. However, I only got crazy about getting long the stock on the 6/2 and 6/5 buy. […]