From the Trading Desk

SHOO 8-7-07 to 1-14-08

SHOO was an excellent setup and a near perfect short. After an initial breakdown on low volume, SHOO tried to find some support on 8/6/07. However, the very next day on extremely strong volume with BOP going red again, the stock went higher intraday only to reverse hard and close in the lower portion of […]

LVS 11-12-07 to 4-21-08

First off I want everyone to learn something from this trade. When you have big gains in short positions, never cover ALL of your short until it closes above the 50 day moving average on HUGE volume or closes above the 200 day moving average. To have a big gain and cover your full short […]

DRYS 8-22-07 to 10-29-07

DRYS was a straight Featured play, bounce and breakout off the 50 DMA. For those of you that think BOP wasn’t that nice when it broke out, you are right. But remember I use Featured and a form of momentum trading the HOT HOT HOT beautiful max green BOP filled charts. Sometimes you get both […]

VDSI 1-4-07 to 10-15-07

VDSI was a pretty clear cut Featured long as it bounced right off the 50 DMA, broke out of a beautiful long term base and a short-term ascending base making it an easy choice to get long. Right after going long, the stock immediately shot up 20% which gave it a requirement that any stock […]

MTL 9-27-07 to 12-26-07

MTL is a lesson learned on selling too early soon after you see the stock top out (which I thought was the ultimate top) it broke hard below the 50 DMA. Since we were in a bear market I did not wait to see what might happen if the selling picked up so I sold […]

FSLR 5-22-07 to 12-26-07

FSLR was a monster Featured stock that gave a great buy point and was pretty easy to hold the whole way up. Those that followed me into this Featured gem profited handsomely as the stock rose 326% from this purchase to the December top of the current move. That 326% only took seven months to […]

OIIM 6-28-07 to 10-18-07

OIIM was a past big winner because the buy signal was so clearly obvious. Even though only a 50% gain was made you can tell by looking at the pattern you should know via the other “past big winners” that this one had the possibility of becoming a monster. Too bad it was 2007 and […]

TRCR 1-12-07/3-2-07 to 7-16-07

TRCR was a very small buy with my initial position but with my second and third purchase I soon had a large position of a very beautiful stock chart pattern that was making me money. This was not the kind of stock to load up on as it was not a Featured quality long at […]

RICK 10-10-07 to 12-26-07

RICK was not the most perfect long compared to what we used to get but that is the point right there. What we used to get is not what we get now. That probably means our market is in for some rough times. However, during this period of time, while the Nasdaq was trending lower, […]

APPY 9-19-07 to 10-26-07

APPY was a very special long for me because I kept the excitement about the chart down to see if anyone else would notice it. I was right. Nobody did and the only people, besides those that have learned from these Past Big Winners, that did were those in the platinum chat room who happened […]