From the Trading Desk

MA 8-2-06 to 5-29-08

This was one of my longest big winners on the basis of a long-term hold. This stock rode the 50 DMA and 200 DMA like a champ. It has only recently closed below the 200 DMA after almost two years of a strong rally. This was an easy stock to hold as it gave very […]

KNOL 1-12-06 to 5-4-07

KNOL was an easy long to take and an even easier long to hold. While I did load up a bit it was no where near the size of the other winners like HRZ or PTT. Still this was clearly a massive winner and it was just another stock that has helped me make a […]

MAMA (now CNIC) 12-8-06 to 12-21-06

MAMA was a quick hit but a HUGE hit. Those that were with me at InvestorsParadise should remember this stock real well as when it showed up I brought it to everyone’s attention. I did not know the stock was going to blastoff in two days and produce an IMMEDIATE 100% gain. But that is […]

PTT (now VCGH) 9-26-06/11-16-06/11-17-06/11-21-06 to 2-23-07

PTT was a VERY BIG winner but the very first buy was not the biggest purchase. That was just a test position. The BIG purchases came from 11-16 to 11-23 as the stock started moving on massive volume, with BOP going max green, off a base with no volume. The pattern was very tight and […]

HRZ 9-27-06 to 7-19-07

HRZ was an easy stock to LOAD UP as it bounced right off the 50 DMA, broke out to a new recent high on very strong volume and max green BOP that was max green during the very tight base around the 50 DMA. There was only one buy but I made it count as […]