From the Trading Desk

ARD 7-29-05 to 4-13-06

ARD was another oil stock that setup in a nice pattern but this wasn’t any ordinary pattern. This pattern was way more smooth than the big oil stocks and still had a great fundamentals. I wish I would have held it longer than I did hold it but still in eight months and then days […]

GEOI 5-27-05 to 6-15-05

Sometimes big winners aren’t that big of winners but they make big gains in a short amount of time from perfect charts that I still consider them easy money. The problem with this one is when I made my first sell, I had NO CLUE it was sadly the top. So I only got a […]

BCON 7-12-05 to 8-23-05

Proving once again that in a REAL BULL MARKET you can be up to two years late and still make a fortune we have BCON here showing you how to make a quick mint in only a month and a little over a week. In that short 1 1/2 months almost an EASY 291% was […]

TSCM 12-1-05 to 7-6-06

TSCM was once a fine stock that setup in a nearly perfect pattern and launched a nice run that took the stock on a 144% run in seven months and one week. It was not a HUGE winner but it was a very easy winner to load up on and make some easy money. The […]

BOOM 2-15-05 to 4-26-06

BOOM was a huge beautiful winner that was a little tricky loading up on the first purchase due to the weak close and then the second purchase due to it being a little, what seemed to me, to be a bit extended from the 50 DMA. But the gorgeous max green BOP at the start […]

GIGM 12-19-05 to 5-11-06

GIGM advanced an amazing 253% in four months and three weeks. It was an obvious buy and an obvious add TO ME. Very pretty chart made it very easy to hold on the way up. the buy: the second buy: the top to the current move:

ERS 11-10-05 to 5-3-06

ERS was an easy long and an easy long to hold as it ran up a whopping 562% in only five months and three weeks. This is just one of many big winners during the time. When our video presentation software is ready to go I am going to profile every single one. the buy: […]

DSTI 4-21-05 to 7-18-05

DSTI was one of my biggest positions in 2005 with it making up a very large chunk of my account as the chart, as you can see, was nearly perfect, even though the fundies were not. The top was nearly impossible to spot but it was still a powerful move in a short amount of […]