From the Trading Desk

TZOO 5-14-04 to 12-27-04

TZOO moved too much from each buy point to be a large buy but I still was not afraid to buy the breakouts as there was considerable amount of huge accumulation to go along with amazing fundamentals. From the first buy to the ultimate top of the move this stock gained 617% in seven months […]

NAVR 4-14-04 to 1-11-05

NAVR was a bit sloppy to what I normal like to see on a breakout (as the BOP was not green to max green in the base) but the blastoff to a new price high and bounce right off the 50 DMA on the price, volume, BOP, Moneystream, and RS surge could not be ignored. […]

NVTL 1-5-04 to 4-12-04

NVTL was an easy stock to go long as it blasted out of a flat and quiet base on huge volume and huge max green BOP. This was a great long and didn’t take long to make investors wealthy as the stock gained 297% in three months and four days. It was an easy one […]

ANTP 12-6-04 to 1-3-05

ANTP was HOT HOT HOT but hard to load up on due to how risky it was. Still I did buy myself a good amount because not only did it have a HOT chart it had amazing fundamentals. They stink now but back in 2003-2005 they sure did not. This stock is how they should […]

GPIC 10-18-04 to 11-29-04

GPIC was anther monter stock with a perfect chart pattern. They always show up in bull markets. All you need is an uptrend to find stocks like this. That will NOT happen in this market. But in a great market like we had post-2003 you can grab 154% easy gains in just a little over […]

NIHD 1-6-03 to 1-26-04

Thank God I keep personal records as this was a past big winner that wasn’t a HUGE buy because of the issue being new and me already long some HOT stocks but this one had no problem joining in my portfolio. In a little over one year and two weeks, NIHD ran 717%, making this […]

AAPL 8-26-04 to 1-13-06

AAPL was an easy stock to go long as IBD, thank God, was all over this stock with its new exciting product. This made it an easy buy on the breakout but with lack of green BOP I have to admit I did not load up to the point that I should have. Still it […]

IST 3-16-04 to 12-01-04

IST was by far my best long in 2004 as this was a huge position in my portfolio as I went very long this stock on a lot of margin. Since this particular chart setup, I do not believe I have seen one as POWERFUL on the breakout buy signal. So this is a chart […]