From the Trading Desk

NFLX 3-17-03 to 1-22-04

This was one of the first Featured stocks to breakout ON the follow through day of March 17, 2003. So the fact this stock had fantastic fundamentals an excellent chart pattern as a recent IPO (they almost never have max green BOP all over them) made it an easy choice to get very long. NFLX […]

TRAD 3-6-03 to 7-14-03

TRAD broke out of a great flat base on very strong volume and followed-through the very next day with another more powerful breakout. These two back to back moves gave TRAD a fantastic chart, and with the mood by most investors being very pessimistic during the time, the stock was able to launch a very […]

MGIC 7-11-03 to 1-20-04

MGIC was not a huge long as I was already loaded to the gills with other great longs and there were a few setting up in PERFECT bases so I did not want to throw a lot of money in this one. However, I did take a nice position, and in six months and a […]

TRMM 10-21-03/12-19-03 to 4- -04

TRMM was a great long very late in this bull market. By this time I had too many longs and was loaded up in a lot of stocks. But when this pattern developed, I made sure to take profits from other longs and to sell off some weaker stocks to make sure this could at […]

ADBL 10-16-03 to 12-4-03

ADBL was another quick hit but that is, of course, some of the best longs as everyone should love to make some big gains and then get out near the top only to then move on to the very next one ready to act like that. ADBL was no EGHT but it still produced a […]

SWIR 6-12-03/7-9-03 to 4-12-04

SWIR was a big winner for me as I liked this chart and the stock’s fundamentals. This was yet one of many HOT HOT stocks I had my eye on during this time and this one, like the rest, turned out no different. From the first purchase to the first sell the stock gained 253% […]

IFLO 5-30-03 to 2-27-04

IFO was a pretty big long when I went long but I sold a lot of my long position very quickly as there were a lot of beautiful charts and I wanted to diversify myself around the winners more because I wasn’t sure what would be “THE” huge winner. It was a good thing I […]

EGHT 10-30-03 to 11-28-03

EGHT was not only HOT HOT HOT with all that max green BOP and huge accumulation before the bounce off the 50 day moving average. It was also hot because of the huge move it made in such a short amount of time. In a little under one month, EGHT gained 295% from the first […]

FARO 8-27-03 to 1-20-04

FARO was quick and sweet. As you can see the chart pattern that setup is the usual near-perfect to perfect pattern I never pass on and this one was no different. The previous uptrend full of accumulation and green to max green BOP made this choice an easy decision. FARO gained 179% in four months […]

ONXX 5-19-03 to 5-7-04

ONXX gained 533% in eleven months and two weeks. 455% in eleven months and almost two weeks, 428% in eleven months, and 371% in ten months and three weeks. the first buy: second pyramind buy (big buy): third pyramid buy: the final pyramid buy: first sell: second sell: biggest sell: the top: