From the Trading Desk

NIHD 1-6-03 to 1-26-04

Thank God I keep personal records as this was a past big winner that wasn’t a HUGE buy because of the issue being new and me already long some HOT stocks but this one had no problem joining in my portfolio. In a little over one year and two weeks, NIHD ran 717%, making this […]

NANO 9-4-03 to 1-13-04

NANO was basically a quick hit but it was a big hit and a fast and easy gain. Before the final top, you can see the stock pulled back into one more base where it barely went below the 50 DMA but held the very important line in the sand before taking off for one […]

ECGI 7-7-03 to 9-22-03

This was not a large position but it was of substance and it was a big winner without a doubt as this stock went on to produce a 216% gain in two months and two weeks. Even if you only got in on the last purchase on 8/21 you still, if you sold at the […]

NENG 5-23-03 to 12-2-03

NENG was a decent long but because of where the stock was in relation to the 200 DMA (way too extended) on the first buy I did not get a lot of the stock then. Obviously, by taking a look at some of the longs listed here before NENG broke out I was already quite […]

HIL (now HILL) 3-7-03 to 9-2-03

This was by far my biggest and best holding of the entire 2003 run and I didn’t even think it existed anymore because the new HIL is not the old HIL. The old HIL, I thought, was gone. It wasn’t and is now under the ticker symbol HILL. This stock was HOT, HOT, perfect HOT […]

CAMT 9-8-03 to 2-12-04

CAMT was a great long and even though it was a lower priced stock the chart pattern was very perfect on a price and volume aspect. BOP was very good but not great. However, it did not matter as it was good enough with that fantastic price and volume action that led up to the […]

SSTR 9-24-03 to 12-4-03

SSTR was a quick hit and was an easy one to lock in the profits on as I always take profits at the 100, 150, 200, 300% crossings with stocks that I go long that are under $1 a share. The chart was too nice to pass up, even with the low stock price. It […]

ALVR 6-30-03 to 3-5-04

ALVR was a great long that turned in a very impressive gain of 314%-318% (depending on your fill) in eight months and one week. It was very easy holding this stock as it moved higher as the stock NEVER traded below the 50 day moving average. Only the best of the best ‘monster stocks’ can […]

FMDAY 7-8-03 to 7-21-03 and 11-6-03 to 4-8-04

FMDAY’s first run was very short lived and was just a preview to what was to come but still this particular move was a solid move as the stock gained anywhere from 50% to 80% in nine trading sessions. THE SECOND TIME AROUND (REPEATED BELOW) FMDAY this time broke out above the 50 DMA and […]

TASR 7-22-03 to 4-19-04

TASR was by far “THE STOCK.” There was no doubt about the chart pattern it set up or the strength of the fundamentals it was producing. What could not have been known is the gain it was going to produce. While I was very lucky that the chart was so nice as to have me […]