From the Trading Desk

SSYS 12-17-02 to 10-14-03

SSYS was one of the early breakouts that went on to produce some very strong gains. Everything about this stock was right on the technical and fundamental. Therefore, when you see the patters below, and you see the strong EPS and sales numbers, it is foolish to not grab yourself a healthy amount. By the […]

NTES 7-30-02/10-29-02 to 10-13-03

NTES is being posted much later than SINA and SOHU because I did not load up on NTES like I did SINA and SOHU. Instead I got in NTES way before the other two but from those early small longs, a move below the 50 DMA scared me out of most of the longs. However, […]

USNA 11-18/11-19-02 to 11-5-03

This was one of the original breakouts of the new bull market that started in October 2002 and by being one of the first it was not hard to buy a lot of the stock. However, I did not load up on this particular stock because the BOP went from max green to green which, […]

SINA 10-28-02 to 1-26-04

SINA was a great long and even though I did not buy a lot on the first buy, the second and third purchases were very large and this leading stock in the leading internet sector during that very bullish market provided some huge returns. From the first purchase to the final top, the total gain […]

SOHU 10-11-02/3-26-03 to 7-14-03

This stock was another huge winner that along with SINA kick-started this new bull market. This stock was another one of the first stocks to breakout and produce big gains. However, the very first buy was not a large buy because as you can see via the chart pattern this extremely HUGE accumulation day came […]

RKT 1-23-02 to 4-18-02

This was not a huge winner but it was a good gain in a short period of time in a very nice chart setup. There were not a lot of longs during this time and this one will wrap up all of my best longs during this time frame. GNSS was my best but RKT […]

FDP 1-28-02 to 6-18-02

This stock should have been a bigger long than what it was considering how green the chart was. But I was not too excited about some stupid food stock then. So this was not a big position, even though it should have been. Still it was much larger than the longs I am taking now […]

AIRM 3-5-02 to 5-29-02

AIRM was not a huge winner but the chart was near-perfect to perfect and that produced an excellent gain in a short amount of time. What I want to point out about this stock is that I had to wait a whole month before the prize was realized. I continued to hold the full amount […]

SPAR 1-24-02 to 7-5-02

this was not a HUGE purchase but it still had a little bit of size to it and as it moved up stayed very green thus becoming one of my better longs during this time frame. It was not a $3 stock when I first went long. It was around $9 a share making it […]