From the Trading Desk

GNSS 10-3-01 to 1-9-02

This was a great long and by looking at the setup you can tell it was basically a perfect setup. Those that have been reading me know that there is one chart pattern I love more than any other which is the breakout from resistance-bounce off the 50 DMA on huge volume. GNSS did that […]

CACI (now CAI) 4-4-01 to 6-13-01 58%

This was an awkward stock for me in a way as, according to my records, I bought a lot more with each additional buy than the first. That must have been a testament to how poor the market was. It wasn’t a video game stock so I wasn’t sure I wanted to purchase a lot […]

TTWO 5-9-01 to 6-7-01

This was not a big purchase, but after getting heavily long ATVI and THQI, TTWO set up in a very nice chart pattern. I did buy a lot of the stock and did expect more out of it but it only gave us a very quick pop before selling off. However, that purchase, produced a […]

PETM 5-29-01 to 6-5-02

PETM was a great long and I should have held tight because where you see the top is where I sold my last position. However, the stock continued higher and made a 300% by the time it was all said and done. However, for me, I enjoyed a nice 250% gain in a little over […]

SLXP 1-24-01 to 6-29-01

This was a great long for me during this time as it was an IPO with a beautiful pattern. Sadly, I did not load up on the initial purchase. It was the second purchase that was the large buy. But as MY luck would have it, it closed below the 50 DMA about a month […]

FIC 4-5-2001 to 7-16-2001

FIC was not the largest purchase in my portfolio during this time as I was focused so much on loading up on ATVI and THQI that I decided this one was not worth loading up on since it did not blast through the 50 DMA on a huge surge in volume and BOP was not […]

DRS 4-2-01 to 10-8-01

I did not load up on DRS but it sure was hot at the time and I had no problem making it a larger long since there were not many to begin with that looked like this. Around this time, I was more focused on getting long ATVI, THQI, and TTWO (tomorrow) than getting long […]

THQI 3-23-01 to 6-29-01

This one followed ATVI as it showed up the very next day with a very green chart (which was very very rare during this time), on the short-term, and since this was a top sector it was impossible to pass on ATVI’s brother. By the end of the run, which was a little over a […]

ATVI 3-22-01 to 6-13-01

This was not a stock that I loaded up on but it was a stock that I bought a good amount of because it was a “video game” stock and despite the horrible market that we were in this group was running. ATVI was not the only stock I was long in this group at […]

AOI 1-16-01 to 6-1-01

This was one that I loaded up on since it was in a top sector (tobacco) during the current market and the breakout came on the third day after a follow-through. At the time I was almost for sure we bottomed as the Nasdaq rallied over 14% on 1/3/01. So the follow-through appeared to be […]