From the Trading Desk

PCCC 4-18-00 to 9-7-00

This one was one of the biggest winners for me during the April to August rally period. If you did not give up on the market and you bought this very nice pattern you were rewarded with a 205% gain in about four months and two weeks. Not bad for a market that was about […]

NOVN 6-16-00 to 10-27-00

One thing is for sure, during the rally of April 2000-August 2000 in the stock market there were some nice winners. But they were nothing like 1999-2000 and they sure weren’t as pretty. In fact there is not going to be any max green BOP filled charts like LMLP, NEWP, MRVC, LPTH, or PARD until […]

SCON 2-2-00 to 2-28-00

914% gain in 18 trading sessions. Don’t be fooled, this stock was not a $97 stock in Feb 00 it was only $9.75 and therefore along with the volume was not a large purchase. Still a great stock during a great time for the market. Which would be the complete opposite of the market of […]

PARD 1-14-00 to 3-6-00

1115% gain in a little under two months. This stock produced one of the most clear climax tops I have ever seen in my life. I wish I would have loaded up on this stock but sadly I did not. It was a good sized position as you can tell by looking at how pretty […]

MSCC 2-7-00 to 3-10-00

166% gain in a little over one month. This was not a huge position back in the day but it was still a great fast huge winner. This gain annualized would make you very rich very quickly. the buy: the top:

AVAN February 2000-March 2000

This one wasn’t the best long setup but it was clearly a pattern you have all seen me take before. This one just happened to turn into a gem. But I have to admit it was small at the time. It was still a 170% gain in a little over one month. the purchase: the […]