From the Trading Desk

MWAV 9-11-00 to 11-6-00

This was another one of my favorites and I think by just looking at the chart pattern, you can tell that this is an amazing chart. The market kept me from loading up but I did get a nice position established and within a month was very happy. By the time the top was put […]

TMR 8-16-00 to 1-16-01

TMR was another fantastic long that was easy to buy a lot of due to its setup. Why can’t we get these kind of setups anymore? Anyways, despite a horrible Nasdaq that fell 33%, TMR gained 55% in five months. I know that doesn’t sound amazing but you have to remember the buy signal, if […]

CRUS 8-2-00 to 10-23-00

This was my best long during this period. I bought a lot of it because the EPS and sales were on FIRE!! and the stock was a Semiconductor stock. For those of you who remember that time frame, Semis were the hottest thing under the sun. Everyone loved Semi stocks and they produced when they […]

CERN 7-31-00 to 10-31-00

CERN was one of my larger positions during this time frame on the long side as it was a Featured quality stock. By the time the top came around the stock produced an 82% gain in a little over three months. Not to bad during a time frame where the Nasdaq fell 26%. Those that […]

ORI 7-25-00 to 12-28-00

This stock didn’t knock it out of the ballpark with a huge gain but the bounce off the 50 DMA, with a close at the HOD, all that green to max green BOP, and those three big accumulation bars with no selling was all that was needed to make me, at the time, go long […]

EXTR 8-3-00 to 10-16-00

This wasn’t necessarily a huge winner but was a very large position as it was the best performing Internet related stock at the time. So I loaded up due to the very pretty chart, despite understanding that the market was about to rollover. But when the market rolled over, this one kept going up and […]

NEWP 5-31-00 to 9-22-00

You may remember this stock from 1999. If you do then you know how pretty and hot the chart was at the time. This time it wasn’t that nice and we didn’t get a 300% gain in three months. But it did return a solid 233% in a little under four months. The second buy […]

COCO 8-1-00 to 3-9-01

COCO was one of my best performers during the bear market that started at the beginning of September. I have no clue why we don’t get many that look like this nowadays in our bear market. Because as you will see there are going to be a few more during this time (8 more I […]

SMRT 6-7-00 to 11-7-00

SMRT was not a huge winner but I did purchase plenty of this stock to make a big difference in my account at the time, while the market did not do much at all. In five months SMRT produced a solid 75% gain. It wasn’t so much the return but the nice setup that made […]

LPNT 4-25-00 to 10-13-00 and 12-27-00

LPNT was another strong performer during a time when the market trended slightly up and then began its long crash. During the start of the real selling, the stock held up and by the end of it some nice gains were produced during a time when the market gave it up. the buy: the first […]