From the Trading Desk

CAMP 8-16-99 to 3-9-00

This one isn’t as pretty as all the others I posted but it is still green enough that I figured I need to post it since it made a big gain. A nice 410% gain in a little under seven months. the buy: the top:

MGIC 7-1-99 to 12-2-99

I wanted to end the series with my best winner LMLP but when I went over my list and looked at the charts again it became clear I completely didn’t do two of them. I don’t keep the cleanest notes so now I can’t end with my biggest winner. However, maybe I will post the […]

LMLP 11-4-99 to 3-27-00

This was my baby. I had a lot of money invested in this one as I loved the long term and short term chart and saw enough stocks move higher with less pretty charts. So I decided to plunge a little larger in this one due to all the green and was well rewarded with […]

WEDC 12-22-99 to 3-27-00

300% gain in three months. After this one, there is only one more big winner that I had during 99-00 that still exist today. This weekend I will post the stock that made me look like a genius back at my old firm as I added to the next one constantly on the way up. […]

SSTI 6-28-99 to 5-1-00

this stock made a 1397% gain from my purchase to the top. However, sadly, near the end of September I sold half of my buy when it closed below the 50 day moving average, because I didn’t want to lose the big gains (so I thought) at the time. Luckily the next sell did not […]

NEWP 12-16-99 to 3-9-00

This was a stock that I loaded up on before its 350% gain in a little under three months. We will see this stock later on in the year as its rally wasn’t done and another great setup appeared. the buy: the top:

MRVC 8-24-99 to 3-9-00

This was easily one of my finest longs that I did manage to take a lot of. I did not sell all of it at the top, obviously. But I did sell some over 1000%, it just wasn’t a lot. However, looking back this was by far one of my best and I am glad […]

ISSI 12-22-99 to 6-14-00

This wasn’t one of my huge winners but it still was a very good return and still one you want to learn from. 188% gain in a little under six months. the buy: the top:

EDCI 12-22-99 to 3-9-00

255% gain in two and a half months the buy: the top:

CRGN 11-18-99 to 3-1-00

938% gain in 3 1/2 months. the buy: the top: