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Past Big Winners

Here are the past big winners sorted by year:

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SHOO 8-7-07 to 1-14-08

SHOO was an excellent setup and a near perfect short. After an initial breakdown on low volume, SHOO tried to find some support on 8/6/07. However, the very next day on extremely strong volume with BOP going red again, the stock went higher intraday only to reverse hard and close in the lower portion of […]

LVS 11-12-07 to 4-21-08

First off I want everyone to learn something from this trade. When you have big gains in short positions, never cover ALL of your short until it closes above the 50 day moving average on HUGE volume or closes above the 200 day moving average. To have a big gain and cover your full short […]

GOOG 1-4-08 to 3-10-08

GOOG was a nice short but due to the low volume I was unable to “load up” and really make the short worth my while. However, the price rollover and breakdown, with the bear market starting, was a near-perfect short setup price wise. The stock subsequently fell 37% from my short to the ultimate low […]

CBEY 1-7-08 to 3-10-08

CBEY was a great short but the huge gain in a short time was not expected. What is worse is that, once again, I mismanaged this one and instead of waiting for a HUGE volume surge over the 50 DMA and/or a move above the 200 DMA, I did cover with a move over the […]

SIGM 2-19-08 to 4-15-08

SIGM was a fabulous short that was mismanaged by myself in this bear market. I should still be short and would have a 80%+ return at the lows in November from the time I first went short. However, I had to admit it was still very nice to be short a stock that managed to […]

GRMN 1-8-08 to 4-30-08

I decided to start this series off with a recent winner from the start of our current downtrend. Why I want to start with this is to teach you how to not mismanage a short. This short in a short three months and two weeks returned a very impressive 49%. This was a nice return […]

MA 8-2-06 to 5-29-08

This was one of my longest big winners on the basis of a long-term hold. This stock rode the 50 DMA and 200 DMA like a champ. It has only recently closed below the 200 DMA after almost two years of a strong rally. This was an easy stock to hold as it gave very […]

DRYS 8-22-07 to 10-29-07

DRYS was a straight Featured play, bounce and breakout off the 50 DMA. For those of you that think BOP wasn’t that nice when it broke out, you are right. But remember I use Featured and a form of momentum trading the HOT HOT HOT beautiful max green BOP filled charts. Sometimes you get both […]

VDSI 1-4-07 to 10-15-07

VDSI was a pretty clear cut Featured long as it bounced right off the 50 DMA, broke out of a beautiful long term base and a short-term ascending base making it an easy choice to get long. Right after going long, the stock immediately shot up 20% which gave it a requirement that any stock […]