From the Trading Desk

Past Big Winner 2012: HEES September 4, 2012

HEES was a beautiful setup that offered incredible add point signals that just got caught up in a QE tape that simply does not move like it used to pre-QE. Overall, HEES was an incredible long position and it behaved exactly how a leading stock should act after we get a strong long signal. The […]

Past Big Winner 2012: POWR December 11, 2012

POWR was what I would consider a perfect acting stock outside of the fact that it did not move up over 100% before giving its first sell signal that allows to hold the majority of the position for truly outstanding gains. That being said, this stock climbed higher better than almost any other holding throughout […]

Past Big Winner 2012: FLT September 6, 2012

FLT was the greatest lesson of 2012 by far. FLT’s initial long signals were beyond perfect (10 out of 10) but they came immediately following the worst year of my trading career and that effected the way this trade was initially played out. Fortunately, for me, this was not the real setup and run for […]

Past Big Winner 2012: LQDT February 1, 2012

After the worst trading year of my life in 2011, I was treated to my first “classical” technical pattern setup at the start of February. This was a breath of fresh air because 2011 was void of any of my “classical” technical patterns that I have historically used to generate superior returns in the stock […]