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BWT Top Current Holdings Update (4/10/17 Edition): IVAC BPMC SXE HNR

Study, study, study!

Monday’s Market ends Flat

So much for any exciting market action today as the stocks closed flat on light volume. A mid-day sell-off did spark some interest, but once again this market found a way to muster enough support. We continue to see this market look very fragile and yet find a way to find support. Unfortunately, this is […]

Weekend Update: Weak Yet Somehow Sturdy Holding Pattern

The overall market continues to lack any clear direction with individual stocks in my personal holdings looking pretty darn strong/solid overall but the overall market/tape looking quite problematic. The MACD and RSI(14) oscillators are all still trending lower on every major market index, the indexes are still building a series of lower highs and lower […]

Small Gains after Wednesday’s Selling; Traders await March’s Job Report

Today’s light volume affair was uneventful as the market awaits Friday’s job report. The good news is we did not sell sellers pick up where they left off after Wednesday’s debacle. We continue to see a lack of follow-through to the downside which is good news for stock market bulls. We are not without blemishes […]

Late Day Sell-Off Sours Market; Fed Minutes to Blame

The latest release of the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee meeting minutes sparked a nasty sell-off during the final hours of trading. Sellers were in a hurry to dump Small Cap stocks as the group continues to act very weak. Distribution is certainly elevated, but today’s above average volume sell-off certainly gives us some pause. […]

Small Caps Lag; Broad Market Inches Higher

Another lackluster session as the market continues to remain range bound. Small cap stocks continue to lag the broader market and the Russell 2000 remains below its 50 day moving average. Investors are simply not excited to jump into small cap stocks. At some point this market is going to need to push higher. We […]

Weekend Update: V-Shaped Dead-Cat Bounce

That elusive strong close just kept getting further and further away with each attempted dead-cat bounce this week. I must say that for a low overall volume bounce, my positions have held up beyond extremely well with zero stops triggering intraday on Friday and only one stock triggering an EOD sell signal on Friday. There […]

A Big Day for Financials; NASDAQ at All-Time Closing Highs

Leading the day were financials as the group jumped higher leading the entire market higher. Utilities were the day’s biggest losers as the 10-year treasury note moved back above 2.4% today. Energy took a breather closing flat on the session after a solid 5-day return. Volume was up across the board as traders and investors […]

Crude Oil Rallies lifting Energy Stocks

Energy was the biggest winner on today’s session as crude oil prices near $50 a barrel. Crude oil rallied after inventories showed a build. Financials were the biggest losers on the session even as a few Fed members hinted at more rate hikes this year. The NASDAQ continues its bounce leading the market higher as […]

AAPL at another All-time High; Stocks Rally

While AAPL hit another new all-time high today while Energy and Financials helped push the S&P 500 and Dow Jones higher. The S&P 500 and NASDAQ have shown support at their respective 50 day moving averages. Volume was higher across the board indicating traders and institutions a like were happy accumulating shares. While today was […]