Stock Talk

Trumpcare is in Doubt; Stocks Close Lower

The noise of the day was whether Trump’s healthcare law had enough votes to pass. Stocks did not like hearing there were not enough votes and closed lower. Volume was lower too. Real Estate was the biggest winner of the day as the sector was up more than 70bps. Energy was the biggest loser and […]

Large Cap Tech Leads Rebound

If it were not for Large Cap technology stocks this day would have turned out differently. Lead by MSFT, AMZN, AAPL, and GOOGL the NASDAQ 100 led all major market averages. The Dow was unable to eclipse the breakeven mark, but finished off its lows. Volume was lower than yesterday’s level, but it really is […]

Ugly Reversal as NASDAQ tumbles from All-Time High

Today’s session began with gains and it appeared there was nothing that was going to stop this market from heading higher. Sellers had a different plan, immediately hitting the market sending the market lower. While we did see relief at some points in the day, sellers continued to hit the market into the closing bell. […]

Volume cools after Friday’s Quadruple Witching; Stocks continue Tight Trading Range

We continue to see tight consolidation across the board as the market continues to digest the gains we have seen in January and February. February was a huge month for the market as a whole and we have needed the market to cool in order to sustain these gains. This market continues to produce buyable […]

Volume Slides as Stocks Fail to Build on Wednesday’s Gains

At the start, it appeared as if we were going to follow-through on the post Fed gains. We simply did not have the fire power to continue to push higher. Volume was lower on the session, but given the turnover on Wednesday it would have been difficult to eclipse. Today was not a bad session, […]

Stocks and Bonds Rally as Fed Hikes Rates Again

As expected the Federal Reserve hiked rates another 25 basis points at their latest open market committee. Bonds rallied sending yields lower. It is not often you see Bonds and Stocks move in tandem. Volume was higher across the board as traders rushed into the market. Despite the euphoric feeling of the day we could […]

FOMC Meeting Begins; Stocks take a Step Back

Ahead of tomorrow’s FOMC meeting stocks were mostly quiet. Most, if not every trader believes the FOMC will raise their benchmark rate by another 25 basis points. The market seems quite content with the move as evidence by the lack of volatility and extreme fear. At one point in time any hint at a rate […]

Market treads Water ahead of FOMC Meeting

We began the week with a light volume affair with most stocks holding up well. Complacency continues to hit all-time lows as many traders continue to see very little volatility ahead. Crude oil was lower again hanging around the lower half of its 48 handle. It is good to see the commodity below $50 a […]

Weekend Update: Bullish Sentiment And Negative Divergence

Stock indexes staged another bullish intraday reversal on Friday with the Nasdaq and Russell 2000 leading the move to the upside. Unfortunately for the bulls, the market’s inability to rally at the start of the day following the bullish post-jobs gap up was more notable. On top of this, the two intraday reversals the past […]

Crude Crumbles; Dow Falls Again

Led by a large decline in energy names the market had a tough session as only the NASDAQ could come away positive on the day. Small cap stocks continue to be a trouble spot for the entire market as investors continue to flee. Not a good day by any stretch of the imagination and we […]