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Dow Makes it 10 Straight; Technology Hit

For the 10th straight session the Dow has notched gains while technology stocks finally see a hint of selling. It has been one heck of a ride for stocks since Trump’s election. Most will attribute it to tax cuts and perceived inflation fears as the Fed is set to raise rates 3 more times this […]

Dow Closes up 9th Day in a Row; 11th Record Close since Inauguration

The Federal Reserve hints at another rate hike helped elevate the Dow to more record highs during today’s session. Small cap stocks lagged the broader market, but continue to remain in its general uptrend. Volume was lower across the board as the S&P 500 and NASDAQ closed lower. Energy was the worst performing sector as […]

More New Highs as Stocks Continue their Run

Coming off the long weekend we were welcomed with more new all-time highs. This market has been incredibly strong and many are being left behind. It pays to listen to what matters and employing a strong risk management process. Volume was higher across the board as interest in getting aboard this market’s train continues to […]

Reviewing Some Of The Best Current Holdings From The Past Week (TSRO GST EMKR IBTX EVOK EVI CC SODA SXE ZSAN)

Weekend Update: Price Trumps Emotions

This market rally just gets more and more impressive by the day and week. Stocks rallied again on Friday with the market racing higher in the final hour to close at the HOD. Volume might have been lower on Friday but the final hour moonshot in the overall market, with the market already at new […]

Trump Bump Gains Continue; More All-Time Highs

The S&P 500 closed higher for the 7th straight time as volume expanded over Tuesday’s level. Trump once again hinted at a massive tax cut plan and traders cheered the development. In addition, Yellen’s comments regarding rate hikes helped push the odds of a March rate hike up to 63%. Odds of a June hike […]

Reviewing Some Top Current Holdings

Big Wave Trading Weekend Update: Price Is All That Matters

The past six weeks has been a perfect example of why you should always obey your signals and never obey your feelings or emotions when it comes to trading the stock market for a living. For the past six weeks, I have been nervous about the overall bullish sentiment and the mere fact every major […]

Low Volatility Remains; NASDAQ Inches Higher

The story of this market continues to be the lack of volatility despite the Trump bump. It has been 37 days since the S&P 500 has seen a 1% move. While the put/call ratio has been above 1.0 we continue to see the VIX remain near multi-month lows. There is a lot of complacency with […]

Traders Suffer from Super Bowl Hangover; Stocks Slide in Light Trade

We are going to keep free market commentary light tonight, but we did have a decent day of rest for the market. Lower volume pullbacks are what the doctor ordered for this uptrend. We are now in the pattern of the market opening lower to begin the week only to see us finish higher by […]