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BWT Weekend Synopsis

Aloha from Maui. I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday and that you are all enjoying your holiday weekend. There is no rest on my end as I continue to hunt and stalk for the next round of leaders in this uptrend. Right now, there is no question that overall the market is very […]

BWT Top Current Holdings Review

The strong post-election uptrend has helped produce some solid gains in a lot of my long positions. While it is disappointing that I do not have one single EOD trend following position account for 10% of my account capital, the consolation prize is that every stock I am long is well outperforming the overall market. […]

BWT Weekend Update

This market just has no quit in it. This should be good news for the intermediate and possibly longer term health of the market but on the short term it continues to just get more ridiculous. It does appear that a pullback is starting in the overall market but the Russell 2000 simply is not […]

BWT Top Current Holding Update: CYBE

BWT Top Current Holdings Update And Review

What a wild month it has been. I was knocked out of some of my long positions before the election but not completely out of all them. Using the partial sell stop methodology with uptrending stocks in this market has paid off sometimes and has not other times. The markets have been very volatile the […]

Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

The SP-500 finished lower for the ninth straight session following Friday’s session marking the first time that has happened since 1980. This market has made it a habit of pulling punches this year as the volatility and lack of trends has been beyond a nightmare for EOD trend followers. Its made for some excellent day […]

Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

Before I get into the overall market and my portfolio I first want to say that there is some good news and that there is some bad news. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Stocks continued to sell off on Friday and while volume was lower than Thursday’s session it was […]

Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

Well it isn’t over until it is officially over but we have officially exited the historically seasonally worst period for returns in the stock market. Starting on Monday seasonality is back in the favor of the bulls and now all the market has to do is confirm the seasonality and we should be off and […]

Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

On Tuesday our operational models switched to a SELL signal and as we close out another trading week we are leaving the week still under that operational SELL signal. Stocks staged a very bearish intraday reversal today basically shutting the door on the bulls who thought that the weakness was through following JPM’s earnings on […]

Weekend Update And Top Current Holdings

I went into this past week with a neutral bias and I am leaving the most recent trading week with a neutral bias. I also stated that if this market did not breakout sooner than later in this sideways consolidation that the path of least resistance would turn down. Following Friday’s action in the overall […]