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Top Current Holdings Update: SXE TROX GMED TELL ZIXI OTIV

Reviewing Some Of The Best Current Holdings From The Past Week (TSRO GST EMKR IBTX EVOK EVI CC SODA SXE ZSAN)

Reviewing Some Top Current Holdings

Weekend Update: Reviewing Some Current Long Positions

Let’s take a quick holiday weekend peak at some of our current winning long positions. Why not review any losing positions? Because we have them and when we do we stop out or cut our losses immediately. There is not any wishing or holding on to losing positions. They are always eliminated. Therefore, instead, let’s […]


Aloha and happy holidays everyone. The overall market continues to trend higher and my current long positions continue to rack up the gains since their initial signals. There has been a lot of profit taking signals recently like XBKS producing back-to-back 20% profit taking signals on Thursday and Friday due to the stock being extremely […]

Top Current Holdings: Before And After Edition

The one thing that constantly changes in the market is constant change. What once used to work very well sometimes will not work for years and years until one day it works again. Other methodologies seem to stand the test of time. What is to be learned from this? There is more than one way […]

Big Wave Trading Weekend Market Overview

What a week! This has been the most impressive uptrend I have ever seen in my investing career, based on the price appreciation of the general market indexes. This has not been the most impressive uptrend in regards to individual stocks setting up, breaking out, and producing huge returns. However, if the market can consolidate […]

Top Current Holdings Weekend Update

Aloha everyone. As we head into the new trading week, all is well on my end as I am long a plethora of stocks well outperforming the overall market. While it would be lovely to be holding 5 stocks at 20% of my account capital invested in each, unfortunately thanks to the very volatile and […]

BWT Weekend Synopsis

Aloha from Maui. I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday and that you are all enjoying your holiday weekend. There is no rest on my end as I continue to hunt and stalk for the next round of leaders in this uptrend. Right now, there is no question that overall the market is very […]

BWT Top Current Holdings Review

The strong post-election uptrend has helped produce some solid gains in a lot of my long positions. While it is disappointing that I do not have one single EOD trend following position account for 10% of my account capital, the consolation prize is that every stock I am long is well outperforming the overall market. […]