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Weekend Update: Rotate, Top, Or Chop?

To say the last six days have been an adventure in the stock market is an understatement. The DJIA, SPX, RUT, XLU, NYSE Advance/Decline line all hit new highs the past week, the DJT is nearing new highs, but the COMPQ and NDX look like they could be trying to top. What we are seeing […]

Weekend Update: Headline News Wall Of Worry

Stocks staged a pretty decent follow-through, on Friday, to the Wednesday reversal and Thursday rally. Stocks did not manage to trend up the entire day but some selling in the final 30 minutes was accumulated into the close. The RUT started to lag around mid-day and the DJIA lagged around 2pm EST but overall a […]

BWT Top Current Holdings Update (4/10/17 Edition): IVAC BPMC SXE HNR

Study, study, study!

Weekend Update: Weak Yet Somehow Sturdy Holding Pattern

The overall market continues to lack any clear direction with individual stocks in my personal holdings looking pretty darn strong/solid overall but the overall market/tape looking quite problematic. The MACD and RSI(14) oscillators are all still trending lower on every major market index, the indexes are still building a series of lower highs and lower […]

Weekend Update: V-Shaped Dead-Cat Bounce

That elusive strong close just kept getting further and further away with each attempted dead-cat bounce this week. I must say that for a low overall volume bounce, my positions have held up beyond extremely well with zero stops triggering intraday on Friday and only one stock triggering an EOD sell signal on Friday. There […]

Top Current Holdings Review: BPMC TAL GKOS GMED TRUE

Weekend Update: Is This Just A Dead-Cat Bounce?

The lack of normal pullbacks in 2017 finally gave way this past week when stocks fell hard on Tuesday with the Nasdaq doing something no index has ever done before–hitting a new all-time intraday high and new 1-month low all in the same session. The good news, post-Tuesday, is that stocks did not follow through […]

Weekend Update: Bullish Sentiment And Negative Divergence

Stock indexes staged another bullish intraday reversal on Friday with the Nasdaq and Russell 2000 leading the move to the upside. Unfortunately for the bulls, the market’s inability to rally at the start of the day following the bullish post-jobs gap up was more notable. On top of this, the two intraday reversals the past […]

Weekend Update: Resilient Market Continues To Frustrate Bears

When I went to bed on Thursday evening I was slightly disappointed thinking my hedges might miss as the futures were at their lows of the session. By the time the market opened my hedges filled and the market started to sell off which made me feel a little better. Obviously, however, I would rather […]

Top Current Holdings Update: SXE TROX GMED TELL ZIXI OTIV