From the Trading Desk

Stocks Fall in Higher Turnover

A roller coaster day for stocks as small caps lead the market lower in higher turnover. A shaky start as stocks gapped lower, but could find their footing just after the first hour of trading. From there, buyers pushed the market higher for much of the morning and early afternoon. However, whether it was something […]

NASDAQ Rebounds as Trading Resumes

After a shaky start to the morning buyers flooded the NASDAQ after Monday’s lackluster close. No surprise volume was higher after Monday’s shortened session. The biggest newsworthy story was the release of the latest Federal Reserve meeting minutes. Not a huge market mover, but we did get some insight into how the central bank views […]

NASDAQ Snaps Back; Russell 2000 Leads

Despite volume coming in lower than Tuesday’s level the market was able to see a sizeable rally. It was nice to see the NASDAQ find support at its 50-day and ultimately close back above its 10-day moving average. We will need to continue to avoid distribution, but for now we have stabilized. Financials were the […]

NASDAQ Suffers Distribution Day; Rally In-Doubt

It was not a pleasant day in the market. Led by the decline in the NASDAQ the market suffered a day of distribution. The NASDAQ 100 simply could not hold up against the onslaught of selling. We are increasing our hedges and raised cash with stops firing off. If we are going to hold up […]

NASDAQ 100 Lags Broader Market

The day started off well with prices higher across the board. However, NASDAQ 100 ran into selling weighing on the NASDAQ and entire market. Volume was lower during the session. It never had a chance to challenge Friday’s juiced (Russell Rebalance) level. One thing we were looking to see was a late day kick save, […]

Friday Morning Coffee: Terrible Close and Russell Rebalance

Aside from yesterday’s terrible close for the stock market in general the Russell family of indexes are about to undergo their yearly rebalance. Every year in June the Russell Rebalance is a large event for money managers who benchmark their portfolios against any of the indexes Russell produces. While for us the only impact will […]

Crude Tumbles Again; Biotechs Gain

Crude oil fell once again as the pain continues for those who are long the commodity. Energy names weighed on the Dow, but the index did not lead the market lower. That honor went to the Russell 2000 has traders once again fled small cap stocks. Friday at the close the Russell will undergo its […]

Another Day of Distribution for the NASDAQ

After posting decent gains on Monday the market followed up with selling on Tuesday. Volume was high enough on the NASDAQ notching its 5th day of distribution over recent weeks. Given distribution is piling up on the NASDAQ it does give some pause to whether the dominance the NASDAQ has shown will continue. On the […]

Stocks Start the Week with Gains

Coming off quadruple witching Friday stocks followed up with solid gains with the NASDAQ 100 leading the rebound. It is no surprise the NASDAQ 100 names bounce back as they have borne the brunt of the selling as of late. Financials performed well with the likes of JPM, MS, and BAC looking solid. There are […]

Stocks Rebound after Post-Fed Hangover

Yesterday’s end-of-day rally was quickly erased as sellers returned during the first part of today’s trading session. Early in the session Monday’s lows were challenged. The S&P 500 and NASDAQ both could find buyers at their lows. Volume was lower than Wednesday’s turnover, but price action was good enough. At this point, we are likely […]