From the Trading Desk

Stocks Extend Gains; Volume Higher

Last Wednesday’s selling has been completely erased and the market is now back to all-time highs. Volume on the session expanded as traders continue to find themselves back into the market. What we heard last week was Trump was going to destroy the market and he was the reason the market sold off. What is […]

SPX Erases Last Wednesday’s Sell-Off

One heck of a market. No commnetary tonight.

Russell 2000 Leads Small Gains

The slow push to get back above the high of the day last Wednesday continued today as volume slid lower on the session. Whether or not this is purely short covering remains to be seen, but we continue to remain in our current uptrend. GOOGL hit a new all-time high, but couldn’t finish on its […]

NASDAQ 100 Leads Market Higher

A solid day for price gains as big cap technology stocks continue to find buyers pushing the market higher. We have almost completely wiped out last Wednesday session. Many were quick to call a top last week as Wednesday’s action was a little concerning. This is where we succeed as we do not let our […]

Stocks Fall Hard as Trump Fears Surface Again

A tough day for the market as we finally see market volatility find its way back to the market. Financials were a sore spot for the market today. Rate hike odds fell as bond prices jump over fears Trump may be impeached. These fears are not that new, but perhaps an excuse for the market […]

NASDAQ notches another All-Time High

Same old story for the NASDAQ as the index hit another all-time high. Volume ended the day mixed with the NASDAQ seeing its volume rise day over day. The indexes continue to be a bore with volatility continuing to remain non-existent. Whether it is complacency or people giving up shorting this market we simply are […]

More All-Time Highs; Small Caps Lead

Today was a decent start to the week as the Russell 2000 lead the stock market higher.  Volume was higher across the board as institutions were able and willing to accumulate shares. News of North Korea launching a missile continued to dominate the headlines, but the stock market did a nice job of shrugging off […]

Friday Morning Coffee: Uptrend Still Intact

To the surprise of many this market continues to find support. We may also point to the extreme low in volatility. Looking at the VIX we can see the option traders simply do not see volatility picking up over the next month or is it no one is buying protection because it has been a […]

S&P 500 and NASDAQ inch Higher

Another day where stocks simply remain in a relatively tight range. We simply are in a market where volatility by any measure is not present. Sure, this may change in the future. Now, we simply are not seeing stocks move much day-over-day let along intraday. It is quite boring watching the markets. We do have […]

VIX Remains Low; NASDAQ Loses Steam

This market continues to remain tight range and today was no exception. The Nasdaq once again hit an all-time high, but failed to close out near the highs of the session. Volume was mixed with Nasdaq volume falling short of Monday’s level while volume on the NYSE was higher. What we are now hearing is […]