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LMLP 11-4-99 to 3-27-00

This was my baby. I had a lot of money invested in this one as I loved the long term and short term chart and saw enough stocks move higher with less pretty charts. So I decided to plunge a little larger in this one due to all the green and was well rewarded with a huge gain. I also added to it along the way up, making a very nice profit. From the first buy to the top a nice 1,304% gain was realized in four months and three weeks.

This is the last big winner of the 99-00 period that I owned that still has a chart on TCNet. I was long QCOM and JDSU at points along the way in 1998 and 1999 but neither chart are pretty and that is the way with some other big gains I had during the period. I just wanted to keep it to the green to max green BOP stocks.

the buy (long-term view):


the buy (short-term view):


the top:


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