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SSTI 6-28-99 to 5-1-00

this stock made a 1397% gain from my purchase to the top. However, sadly, near the end of September I sold half of my buy when it closed below the 50 day moving average, because I didn’t want to lose the big gains (so I thought) at the time. Luckily the next sell did not come until December, then another one in January, and my last one was on 5/24 a few days after the Nasdaq rolled back below the 200 day moving average without touching the 50 day moving average after the rally from the April lows. It was time to move to Maui so the stock had to be sold.

the buy:


the top:


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  1. Ruben Olguin says:


    2 Questions:
    What kept you from completely selling your entire position in Sept99?

    Why didn’t you add more to your position in Nov99?

    Just trying understand, thanks!

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