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Volume Slides but Stocks Close Higher

Wednesday’s market action was not overly inspiring, but the positive was we did not see follow through to the downside. Volume inched lower, but was near with Tuedsay’s level. We have seen this story before where this market climbs higher on light volume only see to see heavy volume later on. No matter what has been thrown at this market it has been able to shake it off and hit new highs. Central banks have created a new paradigm and we have adapted to it. As long as we avoid follow-through selling below Tuesday’s low this market should continue to push towards all-time highs.

I think so many are worried about the downside they miss the big picture. Then there is the get rich crowd and trade like mad men. Most if not all of these traders are on the road to ruin. Big Wave Trading we want you to have long term success. You can grow your account, but it takes discipline and a sound plan to accomplish your goal. Unfortunately, many do not figure this out and very few do. Save your capital and join Big Wave Trading. We offer a free two week trial use coupon code: TWOWEEKS. You do not have an excuse to avoid signing up.

We will see where this market heads next. We have our plan and are ready for whatever this market throws at us. Our signals have us on the long side of the market. It is not our opinion this market is going to push higher. The price signals tells us to be long and our exit strategy protects us if we are wrong. While it appears to be a simple formulat it is highly effective. No gimmicks and no fancy formulas to understand. Simplicity wins in this game. Complexity exists to confuse and sell you an overpriced product. Do not get sucked in.

We hope you have a great day.

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