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A Strong Close erases possible Distribution

We finally saw a strong close from this market. Unfortunately, it was just after sellers had their way with the market earlier in the day. Volume jumped day over day as institutions picked up their efforts. This market did not look good mid-morning. The NASDAQ was falling to its 50-day moving average and fast. Small caps were holding up well, but the major market indexes were not looking healthy. It certainly felt like we were going to finally get a correction. Good news, the VIX closed above 15 for the first time in a long time. After the morning panic we could find buyers and with the close this market saved itself. If we could just get the overall market to cooperate we have the chance to breakout and continue this trend.

Market commentary tonight is going to be cut short. However, members will have their normal commentary along with new positions. We have had some tremendous gains since the beginning of the year and our members have benefited greatly. Simply following what is put forth with only 10 minutes of effort you too could have gains more than 4x the S&P 500 right now. You could have paid for many years of our service in just 3 months!

We’ll be back tomorrow and will be continuing to squeeze this market for gains.

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