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BWT Top Current Holdings Update (4/10/17 Edition): IVAC BPMC SXE HNR

Study, study, study!





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  1. How come do you don’t have your full current portfolio till today anywhere on your site?

    Also, what is the most important part of your web-site to check every day? The new positions? Do you e-mail us when you buy or sell?


    • Joshua Hayes says:

      I need to have a screen share option. I have a list in my Telechart file that you can download if you have Worden Brothers. To manage that list on my own is impossible for this website right now. I am holding the second most positions ever in my career.

      The NEW POSITIONS page and VIDEO LESSON page check that every morning. Sign up for the email. If you are not on the list send an email to and he will put you on the list.

      The new buy and sells are posted every single day in realtime before I EVER enter the order on my end. I go over all of my executions in the chat room every morning at the opening bell. Every buy and sell I make every day is posted on the NEW POSITIONS page at the bottom. Read the entire post every night/morning.

      Aloha Nick!!

  2. Tom Kirby says:

    Haven’t looked you up in about 5 years. How you making out with your MS. Just make you sure your health is doing well.

    • Joshua Hayes says:

      Holy moly. I feel like it’s been longer than that! Great to hear from you. It appears it was either a misdiagnosis or that I am in complete remission. Either way, there are zero issues currently. I am extremely healthy overall. I hope you are doing well and your health is top notch as well. It was great hearing from you again. We still offer two week free trials if you ever want to check us back out again. Aloha Tom. :)

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