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Stocks Take a Rest in Light Turnover

A decent day for a rest as we see the broader market pull in on lighter volume. We need days of consolidation to digest gains properly. It would be great if we can head sideways and ease the pressure from overbought conditions. Our primary trend is in place and it would do this market some good if we can head sideways for more than just a day or two. Of course, we’d also love for our positions to continue to push higher and further increase their relative strength. As usual we will obey our signals and continue to maintain our discipline. Due to our persistence and focus on price we have been rewarded with gains.

If this market turns more sinister we have our exit strategy which includes our hard stops. Our downside is protected. In addition, our position sizes further limits any damage one or two bad stocks may have on our portfolio. It is uber important to have a sound money management system in place. It is vital to our and your success!

We hope you enjoy the weekend!

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