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Dow Streak Continues

The streak continues as stocks continue to push higher against all odds. This is quite the historical win streak and we continue to reap the rewards from this uptrend. At this point we continue to manage our risk and any new signals we will continue to take. No sense in fighting this trend, but at some point we will have some sort of correction. For now, we will stick with the current trend and let the bloviators spew noise. To us, we only care about price and price alone. We have had a great run and with our stops we have our downside protected.

It has been nice to see this rally continue to defy the odds. We are certainly in historic times and this will certainly be one for the history books. Scholars will likely have a field day with this time period 50 years from now. So many have gotten this market wrong they are simply chasing higher prices. Bears are for the most part dormant and nearly extinct. We will see if they come roaring back if we see any sort of decline.

W need to continue to grind this market out. We will take our small losses and bask in our huge gains. It is our job to protect our capital and deploy it when odds are in our favor. Most do the opposite. Have a great week and we will see what the market has in store for us next.

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