From the Trading Desk

SIGM 2-19-08 to 4-15-08

SIGM was a fabulous short that was mismanaged by myself in this bear market. I should still be short and would have a 80%+ return at the lows in November from the time I first went short. However, I had to admit it was still very nice to be short a stock that managed to fall 61% in just a little under two months. A lot of profit was taken in there and shortly thereafter I was covering all my short with a close over the 50 day moving average. Since I thought the market might be ready to start another uptrend I thought this was a smart move. However, this has taught me to never fully cover a short with over a 50% profit until it closes above the 200 day moving average. Then and only then should I full cover. The other exception is a HUGE volume surge above the 50 day moving average. That did not happen on this stock thus instead of a 61% gain I should still be short and have a nice 80% gain. Still it was a great short.

the short:



the low of the move:


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