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MA 8-2-06 to 5-29-08

This was one of my longest big winners on the basis of a long-term hold. This stock rode the 50 DMA and 200 DMA like a champ. It has only recently closed below the 200 DMA after almost two years of a strong rally. This was an easy stock to hold as it gave very few scary moments and gave few “you must take profits on this move now” before finally ending its run. This was not a huge holding but it was an important holding as it was a great stock during a market that was on its last legs. late 2006 to now in 2008 has been a very tough time to find max green beauty stocks that work. Not only that Featured stocks are not working either. So the fact that this stock did so well for so long was very good for investors who know how to hold stocks for the big gains. If you held this stock from the breakout to the top, you were able to take away a 520% gain in one year and ten months.

the buy:


the first big sell:


the top:


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