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TZOO 5-14-04 to 12-27-04

TZOO moved too much from each buy point to be a large buy but I still was not afraid to buy the breakouts as there was considerable amount of huge accumulation to go along with amazing fundamentals. From the first buy to the ultimate top of the move this stock gained 617% in seven months and two weeks. This was quite a remarkable run for such a well followed stock. Too bad most people entered as it topped. From the second buy point to the top I received a nice 218% gain in four months and two weeks. No matter which breakout you bought, even with prices up over 20% on each move, it was a good move. This stock was loaded with clear accumulation and had two clear areas to get long. Those that bought at the top should remember a stock making new highs for a prolonged period of time, and it is doing so on lower volume, is not a good buy. Especially when max green BOP goes yellow.

the first buy:

tzoo5-14-04 (Large)_1.PNG

the second buy:

tzoo8-16-04 (Large)_1.PNG

the first big sell:


the top:


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  1. I love the past winners section. Please keep up the good work. It’s giving me many things to study on the weekend.

    BTW the date on the TZOO headline post should be ’04 not ’08.

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