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BCON 7-12-05 to 8-23-05

Proving once again that in a REAL BULL MARKET you can be up to two years late and still make a fortune we have BCON here showing you how to make a quick mint in only a month and a little over a week. In that short 1 1/2 months almost an EASY 291% was taken from this little power company. Those that cry and show their newbie ignorance by saying “but I feel like I have missed the run” have no clue that real bull markets last years and when you are like me you can find real gems ALL THE TIME as long as the trend is up. It isn’t me, it is the market. God bless those that first learn their history before opening up their mouth about “missing the run already.” Anyone hearing a lot of that recently? I know I am.

the big buy:


the first sell:


the top:


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