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TSCM 12-1-05 to 7-6-06

TSCM was once a fine stock that setup in a nearly perfect pattern and launched a nice run that took the stock on a 144% run in seven months and one week. It was not a HUGE winner but it was a very easy winner to load up on and make some easy money. The pattern that it setup in before its run was perfect with the right amount of max green BOP, huge accumulation, and good price action you need for these winners. Even if it is in a stock that was once the best website to read, now, after I worked with them and they have changed the site, it is a horrible shell of its once self. How do you fire me, Gary B. Smith, and cut back on Technical Analysis. There are other amazing contributors that they have fired or have told “to go their seperate way” and I think the current state of the stock reflects what David Sterman is doing to the company. However back in 2005 it was an EASY 144% in seven months. Great stuff and sad stuff all at the same time.

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