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DGLY 4-16-08 to 5-14-08

This stock is nothing short of a disappointment and sums up 2008. This has been BY FAR one of the best setups and one of the most correct executions of a new long since the consistency stopped in early 2007. However, after ONLY one month, the move that APPEARED to be the start of a big run-up was actually the top. So to say that the full 50% was gained is far from the reality. I was able to sell 20% around 50% based solely on the discipline of selling stocks as they rise in this market. Most of the gains were realized within the 20% to 30% range anywhere from 5/12 to 7/3. I sold my very last 10 shares with only a 15% gain. Considering I was up almost 55-60% in one month from 4/15 to 5/14 this was a clear disappointment. This is 2008 neatly wrapped up into a simple yet sad package. Luckily there was PDO and a few chemical, oil, metal stocks with high Featured quality stocks in late 2007 and early 2008 that has made the late 2007 and early 2008 “lack-of-HOT-charts” period tolerable.

the first big buy:


the second buy:



the top (sad so soon):



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