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NIHD 1-6-03 to 1-26-04

Thank God I keep personal records as this was a past big winner that wasn’t a HUGE buy because of the issue being new and me already long some HOT stocks but this one had no problem joining in my portfolio. In a little over one year and two weeks, NIHD ran 717%, making this a great long. The only problem was I was loaded up on SSYS, TRAD, SINA, SOHU, EVOL, EPIC, HIL, FMDAY, USNA, and so many other leaders it became impossobile to focus on one. Too bad I did not, from my long 1/6/03 to the real top it went up 4,024% by the date of 7/20/07. That would have been a nice long-term capital gains tax.

the purchase:


the first big sell:


the top of this run:


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  1. Down 98% in the last three years.

    • This is why you should always cut losses. We never hold losing positions at Big Wave Trading and we always (100% of the time, not 90% not 99%…100% of the time) exit our long-term winning positions with a close below the 200 day moving average.

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