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TRCR 1-12-07/3-2-07 to 7-16-07

TRCR was a very small buy with my initial position but with my second and third purchase I soon had a large position of a very beautiful stock chart pattern that was making me money. This was not the kind of stock to load up on as it was not a Featured quality long at all or the breakout/bounce was not perfect on max green BOP and huge volume. Instead it was a clearly obvious beautiful chart under a ton of accumulation and I knew I had to get long on the lower volume moves or else I might miss my chance to get long. That was so true as the stock blasted out and took off. From the very first purchase in January to the top in August the stock gained 510% in a little over six months. However, I only had 100 shares there and not the 1000 share position that was taken in both March and April. From the March buy to the top, TRCR gained 225% in four-months-and-two-weeks.

the first small buy:


the big buy:


the second big buy:


the first big sell:


the top:


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