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APPY 9-19-07 to 10-26-07

APPY was a very special long for me because I kept the excitement about the chart down to see if anyone else would notice it. I was right. Nobody did and the only people, besides those that have learned from these Past Big Winners, that did were those in the platinum chat room who happened to be around at the time I signaled its near perfection. Near perfection it was but the run didn’t last long as the market quickly turned into a bear market thus ending this stock just as quickly as it started. However, from the start to finish, APPY put in an impressive 150% move in one month and one week. From my big purchase to the top the stock returned 130% and in this current market environment you better believe that qualifies this one, along with the near perfection–9.5-out-of-ten–of this chart pattern, as a Past Big Winner.

The first buy:


The big buy:


The big buy (close up):


The first small sell:


The second sell:


The third sell:


The fourth/biggest sell:


The top:


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