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AFSI 4-12-07 to 7-9-07

AFSI was by far my largest long position in 2007 as this chart was about as near-perfect as they can get for an IPO. It was a very easy decision to load up on this one (It only got to 15% of the portfolio due to the low VIX and low volume in the overall market). However, it was still big enough to make a strong impact on my accounts. From the start to the finish, AFSI gained 89%, 85%, and 73% respectively, from each of my longs, in three months. It wasn’t a huge Monster Stock but considering the horrible low-VIX environment that we have been in since 2006 it was definitely a big winner. This is the difference between a Monster Stock at the start of a bull market (TASR ’03) and a Monster Stock near the end of a bull market (AFSI ’07).

the first buy:


the second buy:


the third buy:


the first sell:


the top:


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