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MAMA (now CNIC) 12-8-06 to 12-21-06

MAMA was a quick hit but a HUGE hit. Those that were with me at InvestorsParadise should remember this stock real well as when it showed up I brought it to everyone’s attention. I did not know the stock was going to blastoff in two days and produce an IMMEDIATE 100% gain. But that is what this stock did and when the stock topped, I did think there was more to come as a huge turnaround was more than likely to occur. However, that did not happen, and in a span of nine days, MAMA produced a HUGE 228% gain. Thebure was no doubt about this being a Monster Stock. This rarely happens and I do not expect to get too many more like this in my lifetime.

the big/first buy:


the first sell:


the biggest sell/the top:



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