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PTT (now VCGH) 9-26-06/11-16-06/11-17-06/11-21-06 to 2-23-07

PTT was a VERY BIG winner but the very first buy was not the biggest purchase. That was just a test position. The BIG purchases came from 11-16 to 11-23 as the stock started moving on massive volume, with BOP going max green, off a base with no volume. The pattern was very tight and fundamentals were starting to really pick up steam back then. From the very first purchase to the top, PTT made an impressive 440% in a short five months. The big purchases, from the perfect setup, produced anywhere between 290% and 405% in a very short three months and one week. My only regret is that I did not LOAD UP the boat and did not back the truck up on this beautiful and perfect monster stock setup. It should be obvious why I did not. A sub-$3 stock is not a stock I feel comfortable making a HUGE position after a FOUR YEAR BULL MARKET. I sold a lot of the stock on 1-11-07 before the top with a solid 247% gain in a little under two months. This was a very quick Monster Stock but this exactly how I wished every single one would work.

the first buy:


the big buy:


the pyramid buy:


another pyramid buy:


the first sell:


the big sell:


the third sell/the top:


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