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AAPL 8-26-04 to 1-13-06

AAPL was an easy stock to go long as IBD, thank God, was all over this stock with its new exciting product. This made it an easy buy on the breakout but with lack of green BOP I have to admit I did not load up to the point that I should have. Still it was a 95 EPS and 99 RS stock (or around there) making it an easy stock to go long after that base. Not only did I mess up by not loading up I also sold the majority of it off before the ultimate top. I still walked away with some huge gains as AAPL gained 393% in one year and four-in-a-half months and gained 147% from my second purchase to the ultimate top in one year. Most of the gain was taken with a 155% gain, as the first sell was my largest by far, in five-and-a-half months.

the big buy:


the pyramid buy:


the biggest sell:


the top:


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