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HRZ 9-27-06 to 7-19-07

HRZ was an easy stock to LOAD UP as it bounced right off the 50 DMA, broke out to a new recent high on very strong volume and max green BOP that was max green during the very tight base around the 50 DMA. There was only one buy but I made it count as a large market order and a missed limit turned into a market order turned this stock into my biggest long of 2006. From the big buy to the first sell which was based off max green BOP turning away from the max green territory (the next day not pictured) gave a wonderful 67% gain in one month and three weeks. This was considered a Monster Stock despite the less than 100% return because it was such an easy stock to LOAD UP, the entry was perfect, and the chart is just stunning with its perfect beauty. However, it did return a full 100% as it gained 108% in six months when I made my second big sell and returned 126% in nine months and three weeks by the final top. I did not get the exact top but still took 110% at my final sell.

the HUGE buy:


the first big sell:


the second sell:


the top:


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