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DSTI 4-21-05 to 7-18-05

DSTI was one of my biggest positions in 2005 with it making up a very large chunk of my account as the chart, as you can see, was nearly perfect, even though the fundies were not. The top was nearly impossible to spot but it was still a powerful move in a short amount of time and almost all of the full move was realized as taking profits in a rising stock always enables you to hold on to most of the gains. DSTI was a great stock in a short amount of time, in a wild market, as it rose 144% in three months. It wasn’t a huge victory but it was an “easy” stock to get very long as the setup was nearly perfect. This setup is one of my favorite. HRZ in 2006 will be the one I love the best.

the big buy:


the add:


the big sell:


the top:


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