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IST 3-16-04 to 12-01-04

IST was by far my best long in 2004 as this was a huge position in my portfolio as I went very long this stock on a lot of margin. Since this particular chart setup, I do not believe I have seen one as POWERFUL on the breakout buy signal. So this is a chart to burn into your head because the next time you see this pattern you do not want to hesitate in loading up. In 8 1/2 months, IST returned an incredible 352%. This was incredible because the buy signal was so clear and it was so easy to ride this stock as it rode the 50 DMA higher the ENTIRE way. It only dipped below it once and it did shake me out of some of my position but it was not a lot as there was a fourth buy and that fourth buy and part of the third buy was sold off. This was my best long in 2004 as it was a HUGE position and I believe has been my last position that made up at least 25% of my portfolio. There simply has not been a chart as nice as this since where the breakout is SO POWERFUL and the chart so green. Don’t try looking up IST either, you know it by a different ticker symbol now; MT. Obviously, this past big winner is STILL a MONSTER STOCK!

first buy:


pyramid buy:


third buy:


first big sell:


the top:


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