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NENG 5-23-03 to 12-2-03

NENG was a decent long but because of where the stock was in relation to the 200 DMA (way too extended) on the first buy I did not get a lot of the stock then. Obviously, by taking a look at some of the longs listed here before NENG broke out I was already quite long some HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT patterns. But this one was too noticeable, even with all the HOTTIES all around, that come 6/4 I did get a good size going. From the first purchase to the top on 12/2/03 the stock gained 343% in six months and one week. This was a beautiful chart that rivaled many of the other winners but I think you should be able to tell why I loaded-up on HIL and only bought a good amount of NENG. It is all about risk. From my second buy to the top, the stock gained 298% in a little under six months.

the first buy:


the second buy:


the third buy:


my first sell (climax run):


the big sell:


the top (nine days later it would close below the 50 and 200 DMA on HUGE volume):


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